2024 In-House Projects

Our goal for this coming year of 2024 is to launch a minimum of four projects built in-house. Our filters for deciding on which project to build first is primarily based on a few factors.

  1. Feasibility: Given our current skill-set can we build it on our own?
  2. Simplicity: How can we set ourselves up for success?
  3. Profitability: Can this make money from day 1?
  4. Scalability: What is the potential growth?
  5. Opportunity: How can we provide value to our users, hopefully, actual money?

Our philosophy has allowed us to narrow down a long list of ideas to a mere few. Our ambitious goal of 4 projects translates to completing a project every 90 days. We are giving ourselves some leeway and adding an extra 10 days for wiggle room. Thus, we will be conducting a 100-day startup project 4 times back to back in 2024 with the goal of launching at least 4 side projects from MnM studios(our IT outsourcing agency).

What is your New Year’s resolution for this year? What kind of plans have you made to set yourself up for success in 2024? Where do you want to be 3(5, 10) years from now? Which country, which city? What are you doing? How much income is needed to live that perfect lifestyle? Reverse engineer the time and calculate what you have to do on a daily and weekly basis to achieve your goals. Wealthy, successful people’s timeline is always in years and sometimes decades, like investor mogul Warren Buffett. We must have an attitude and mindset to play the long game. “The magic of compound interest”. How much time will you spend on a daily basis in growing yourself, your value, and your business this year? If you are fully committed, what could you accomplish and achieve within a two-year span?

Below is a list of the in-house projects we have determined to build at the current time of writing. Feel free to take a look, and hopefully you might be able to understand our thought process in our decision-making of our ideas.

Trading Bot
AKA: algorithmic stock trading bot. In our search for FF (financial freedom) for ourselves as well as others, this is one of the best projects on the market. We should always aim for passive income(the best type of income) and earn money while we are sleeping. Having a personal money making machine working for you 24/7 is the fastest and surest way in escaping the rat race. A trading bot is the pure essence of manifestation of the philosophy of FF. Imagine if you had a reliable robot working hard nonstop day and night earning money for you? 

Scraper Bot
If the previous scramble of resources was for oil, this era and time, it’s all about data. Quality data can always find a buyer, especially with high demand in digital advertising and AI modeling. There is a constant need for customized datasets as well as the scraper bot itself. Customizing the parsing parameters would allow us to utilize the bot to birth a variety of side projects instantaneously. Immediate thoughts go to potentially building a file hosting site, arbitrage, and price comparison tool.

Ad Share
The current ad revenue sharing industry could use an innovative push. Although such platforms are already providing an enormous value of paying out actual cash, the actual process of earning the ad revenue is utterly boring. The pay-out ratio could definitely use a touch, and earning opportunities should not be limited to only action-based. Simply put, platforms should pay more money to users per ad, and they should conduct regular events and give out more money in fun ways. Without the users watching the ads, the platform would not make even a single dollar. Without the users, the platform is nothing. The industry needs a new player. Someone who is willing to eat less but eat from a much larger cake.

Undetermined List

Voting App
Hyper localization of communal gatherings. 
Could be used as a “bulletin board” for any groups, places, or gatherings.
Success cases in student demographics of both the U.S. and South Korea.
Research and survey related economic activities will provide B2B opportunities.
Solves numerous opinion-related situations.

A Tinder for pet owners.
A focus on increasing interactions within a dating app via various events and mini-games.
Shout out to Disney’s 101 Dalmatians.
Pet related businesses, services, and vendors for B2B. 
Good for non-pet owners to interact with animals. Studies have shown an increase in good behavior and civil conduct among convicts who were given responsibilities to take care of a pet. Basically, motor-boating a cat is good for the soul.

AI Instagram Model
The eventuality meets with artificial intelligence. It’s only been a year since ChatGPT has been made public, but the effects are immediate and the changes are staying for good. In fact, change is inevitable and going at breakneck speed. Even with our current operations, AI tools have become a norm and absolute must. The logical conclusion is that we must become professional AI developers. This project would help us learn about prompt engineering, AI modeling, digital marketing, SNS marketing, content creation, content management, and the modeling industry.

Click Farm
When the California Gold Rush sent a flurry of many gold-seekers, those derivative businesses that serviced those fortune-seekers ended up making a fortune themselves. The most known case is that of Levi’s. The vast majority of the digital population manages their own social media account. In a time during which one mental switch would mean the difference between a creator and consumer, what are the picks and shovels that we could sell to the digital frontier treasure hunters? How about some engineered social interactions and impressions?

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