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Financial Freedom First

An online community sharing thoughts, ideas, and opportunities to ultimately gain financial freedom together and escape the Matrix.

DiRui Xiang

Chengdu | Crypto Trader | Financials 

Kihoon Kang

Seoul | PM | Operations

Alok Pandey

Mumbai |  Full-Stack Dev | Creatives


Who are we?

We are a small-knit team that showcases what we are learning and thinking as we stumble on our own personal journey of Financial Freedom First by developing all sorts of projects.


Our main goal is to document our journey so that you can learn from our success as well as our failures. We continue to explore schools of thought with an open mind intently focusing on digital products that can generate passive income streams. We work smart by doing the work only one time and moving on to the next project.


If you'd like to work with us, let us know. If not, that’s totally okay, too! Because knowledge is only as useful, and meaningful as it is shared. Join us on our venture and learn and grow together to escape the rat race and the Matrix, once and for all! 


Our Thoughts & Ideas

(Web) Crawling vs Scraping

(Web) Crawling vs Scraping

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How to Build an Online Casino Gambling Website

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Native | Cross | Hybrid | PWA(Web-app) | Mobile App Development

Native | Cross | Hybrid…

Native Apps Native apps are…


Quality Marketing Solutions

Development Solutions

Managed & Developed by

Maverix n' Matrix

MnM is considered our very “first” project by FFF. We realized very early on that we would need to create a separate entity to handle all of our IT projects within FFF. Before this, we were already running another IT outsourcing company, but we had to part ways when our vision and values were misaligned with our other partners; especially in terms of growth and creating our own in-house projects.

MnM is all about thinking outside the box and coming up with our own ideas for apps. That’s right. As an IT outsourcing company, we love to build our own apps. Pretty cool, huh? 

Our philosophy is a hard no on making a quick buck; we want to help you make change and do great things over time.

Our "3D" DevOps

Development Process


Detailed market research of target market, active market players, market size, potential revenue, study cases, etc.


Build a User Journey to then help design out a Flowchart which helped set up the foundations for the Storyboard.


With complete Wireframes, everyone can visualize the Milestones to build a Roadmap to help create the Timeline and WBS


Logo designing is an art of itself. We focus on what feeling and personality you want to convey to your customers.


Based on the logo the design style, color scheme, topography, etc. can be determined and implemented.


No code Figma prototype allows for physical interactions to filter any flow logic bugs.


First things first. Build out the core functions and features to hone in on the important core foundation.


Business Ready Version. Hone in on the Business Model and prioritize its development and stability.


Gather feedback to regroup and plan the next few steps.


Check out our PROJECTS: Ongoing & Completed


| Expat Drivers License Test Prep


| Shopify Store


| Crypto Algo Trading Bot


Questions & Answers

That's great news! Leave a message in any of our SNS handles or you can directly send us an email on the right. We're looking forward to speaking with you!

Just do us a favor, and specify how you would like to collaborate: investing, project building, content creation, etc.

If you move your eyeballs to the right, you can send us a direct email and we will get to you as soon as we've had the chance to check our inbox, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

FFF is a mindset. It's a term we've coined ourselves that reflects our core values. It is a stark reminder to never lose sight of our main goal: achieving real FF. 

This philosophy aids us to always keep an open mind. No idea, project, product, or person is bad or beneath us.

The mentality is: who cares what you do, what you sell, or what you make; as long as it will help you gain FF. Once you've gotten your money straightened out, then we can start to explore your real passion and contemplate on your life career.

Because, let's be honest, in most cases, it will be extremely difficult or perhaps impossible to gain FF through your first  passion project. Only the true crazy passionate people, willing to go all in , one in a million, are the success stories.

We like to be a bit more responsible, realistic, and down to earth. A smooth transition from your day job, until the day you can hire yourself.

No angle. No hidden motive. 

We want to address the information gap in the current market. Many people don't know there are so many options for FF in our current times. It is extremely morbid to think the general individual can only can think of investing in either stocks or houses.

But, instead of complaining and doing nothing, we've made it our calling to actually do something about it. So share our website and blogs to those you think can benefit from them. 

Let's get rid of the Financial Freedom information gap together!


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