About us


What & Who is Financial Freedom First?

We're a rag-tag bunch of introvert IT nerds documenting our journey in reaching our Financial Freedom. We hope to prove that if we can do it, heck, any one can. More importantly we wish to share good ideas, our own ideas, and bad ideas to avoid.

Although reserved by nature, we also understand the importance of networking and building a like-minded network. Come join our community where we focus on growing personally and financially!

FFF is a mindset to be absolutely open-minded; any idea goes. We must not forget our ultimate goal of achieving Financial Freedom First. Heck, we'll sell anything but our soul if it were the most logical and effective method.


Every year we review a score of projects which we introduce via our blogs. Our team will then select the best of the best of projects to undertake, develop, and document our entire thought process from ideation to creation.


We also document our growth via our Book Notes. We are firm believers of 学无止境: “learning has no end” or "learning is endless". The pursuit of knowledge and self-improvement is a lifelong journey without a final destination. We encourage each other and count each other accountable for continuous learning and growth.


Why Fixate on Money so much?

We have so many ideas we want to build and launch. In order to build the projects we want to really build, we need more capital. Simple as that.

More About

Maverix n' Matrix

*A maverick is someone who thinks and acts independently, refusing to follow the norms or standards set by society, and are typically innovative or progressive in their thinking and actions.

We are online Mavericks helping to solve real problems.

Mavericks and Matrix. Mavericks in Matrix.

MnM consists the same core members of FFF; just wearing different work hats. Our professional IT backgrounds(same field of IT outsourcing), means we know exactly what we’re doing here. While we’re building out our own apps, we’d like to help others on similar journeys by sharing our know-hows and access to our human resources. We’ll be making projects for the rest of our lives, so we’ll never go out of business! 

As an IT outsourcing agency, that builds our own stuff, we empathize with our clients. Been there, done that there, we’ve got your back, kind of thing. It puts us in a unique opportunity to help build reliable business models for our clients to escape the Matrix and achieve financial freedom together.

Do you have a million dollar app idea? Do you have a dream app? Would you be open to the idea of getting it built out for you from start to finish, turnkey style, by fellow entrepreneurs like yourself, who just happen to be doing some IT outsourcing work?

Help to Grow. Grow to Help.
To make ideas real with real ideas.
To be the global leader as liberators of The Matrix.
We Inspire Founders & Businesses by discovering what inspires them.