Reality Transurfing

Author – Vadim Zeland

Indigo Children – Lee Carroll and Jan Tober
Synchronicity: An acausal connecting principle – Jung

The Alternatives Model

→You have the right to choose but you don’t exercise it. You do not even understand what “to choose” really means.

💡Everyone can have the freedom to choose whatever they want; but here’s a riddle for you: how do you acquire that freedom? When you guess the answer correctly your apples will fall to the sky.

In Transurfing, the concept of fate is based on an alternative model of the universe.

Whatever you choose is always manifested.
→What you choose is what you get.
→Whatever worldview you choose to believe in, the truth of that worldview will always be on your side and others will argue with you because they too, are right.

Variability is the world’s most fundamental quality.

Reality manifests itself in an infinite variety of forms.

The alternatives space serves as a template or coordinate grid for the movement of all matter in time and space.

A person’s destiny also has numerous alternatives.

Any seemingly insignificant event can affect a twist of fate.
→A person’s life, just like any other movement of matter represents a chain of cause and effect events.

Reality has such diversity of form because the number of alternatives for its manifestation is limitless.

Managing your own destiny comes down to one single thing- making the choice. →Transurfing shows you how to make that choice.

Thought energy transforms possible alternatives into physical reality.

Generally speaking, it is not possible to create the reality you desire simply by sitting in one place and contemplating it.
Thoughts have as much impact on a person's destiny as concrete actions.

Accept the fact that the energy of human thought is material.

Thought energy flows out into the space beyond the head and interacts with the wider energy field around us.

The circumstances of a person’s life are not only created by their actions but also by the nature of their thoughts.

Having a positive attitude is the most natural way to change your life for the better.

→People get what they choose. Like it or not, that is how life works.
→All you can effectively do is choose a different script.
→We always get what we choose.
→It is not worth trying to change the script. It is far more effective to choose a different alternative more to your liking.
→Whatever you “order”, your choice is always granted unconditionally.

💡Wishes are not granted and dreams do not come true.
→Wishes are only granted in fairy tales and most people just keep on wishing.


Reality is manifest in an infinite variety of forms.
Variability is the world’s most fundamental quality.
Any model of the universe represents just one manifestation of reality.
Any branch of knowledge bases itself on one chosen aspect of the manifestation of reality.
Your choice is always realized. You always receive what you choose.
The alternatives space is an information field recording all that was, is and ever will be.
The information field contains potential alternative scenarios to any event.
Each alternative has a script and scenery.
Space can be divided into sectors and each sector contains an alternative scenario of an event.
The greater the distance between sectors, the more the alternatives will differ.
Sectors with roughly uniform parameters are arranged in a life line.
Material realization moves through space like a bundle of density.
The radiation of thought energy materializes an alternative.
Every organism contributes to the creation of material realization.
When the parameters of thought energy change, a shift occurs to a different life line.
You cannot change the fact that scenery exists, but you can choose a different type of scenery.
You do not have to fight for happiness. You simply have to choose an alternative reality that is more to your liking.

The Pendulums

When a group of people think in the same way, as a result of which, the parameters of their thought energy are identical, their though energy finally unties into a single current.

Energy pendulum: a separate, independent energy-information structure.
→The structure is referred to as a pendulum because the more people/adherents that feed it with their energy, the more powerfully it sways.

  • Any structure whose particular features were created by collective thought energy represents a pendulum.
  • All living beings capable of radiating energy at a particular vibration will sooner or later form an energy pendulum.
  • Any pendulum is by its nature inherently destructive because it consumes the energy of its adherents and establishes power over them.

Characteristic features of a destructive pendulum:

  • feeds on the energy of its adherents which increase the power of its sway.
  • strives to attract as many followers as possible to source as much energy as possible.
  • makes a contradistinction between its group of adherents and all other groups(we are good and they are bad, we are better than they are, etc.).
  • acts aggressively towards anyone who refuses to follow it, attempting to win them over, neutralize their position or get rid of them.
  • hides behind masks and lofty idea; it plays on people’s feelings to justify its actions and attract as many adherents as possible.
  • Essentially an ‘egregore’ and yet the concept of ‘egregore’ does not fully reflect the entire range of possible interactions between an individual and an energy based information structure. Pendulums play a much greater role in people’s lives than one might like to think.
The most important thing is to be able to recognize a pendulum and avoid being drawn into its game unless you stand to benefit from the interaction.

One identifying factor by which a destructive pendulum can always be recognized: It always competes with others similar to it in the battle for adherents.

💡The more aggressive a pendulum behaves in the battle for devotees the more destructive it is and more dangerous it is to the life of the individual.

The main feature of a destructive pendulum is its aggressive impulse to destroy other pendulums in order to win over potential adherents.: 'We are good and they are bad.'

Human society is totally based on pendulums, so all fields of activity are gripped with competition.

Pendulums are very good at coercing their adherents to give up energy voluntarily.
A large, powerful pendulum can force its adherents to act according to a certain set of rules.

The pendulum’s main task is to engage people in any way possible in order to occupy their thoughts.

To owe something means that you are in some way guilty and therefore obliged to do something.
→An induced, conditioned sense of guilt is the favorite weapon of any manipulator.

Feelings and interests allow a person’s thoughts to be directed in a certain way.
If a theme evokes neither interest nor emotion, then it is very difficult to focus on.

A pendulum will instantly become kinder if you allow it to manipulate you.

You can easily differentiate between true moral principles and the hidden interests of the system if you keep in mind what the pendulum really represents and what its true goals are.

The stronger your desire to avoid something, the more likely it is that you will encounter it.
→To actively fight against what you do not want in your life is to make every effort to ensure that it is present in your life.
→Once you let the thing you do not want into your life, associate feelings of hostility with it, and indulge in those feelings, it will instantly become a physical reality within your life layer.

The first and most important condition for successfully defeating a pendulum is to refuse to get into conflict with it.

You do not have the right to judge or change anything. Everything you see and experience should be accepted as if they were paintings on display, whether you like them or not.

Once you have recognized the pendulum’s right to exist, you also have the right to leave it behind remaining free of its influence.
The main thing is not fight it, judge it, get angry, or loose your self-control because by doing so you agree to play the game.

Before you can fully understand what it means to choose, you have to know how to decline.
→To decline something you have to first accept its existence.
→It means simply to recognize its right to existence and then pass by indifferently.

💡When you think about the things you do not want, you attract them further into your life.

If you want to eradicate something from your life all you have to do is stop thinking about it, pass it by with indifference and it will disappear.

To eliminate something from your life, ignore it, do not avoid it.

To stop giving away your energy means to stop thinking about them altogether; erase them from your mind.

If there is nowhere to retreat to you can stop the pendulum’s swing by doing something extraordinary that no one would ever expect.

If you ever find yourself in a situation that you know will unfold according to a set script, do something surprising. It does not matter what you do as long as it is something that does not fit in the standard script. This will stop the pendulum’s swing.

It is not worth looking for trouble if you are dealing with a pendulum that has nothing to lose.

You can experiment with forcing the pendulum to play your game. You will enjoy it and be surprised to discover what a powerful technique it is.

Try to instantly distract yourself from whatever the problem is.
Now imagine this person receiving exactly what they need.

Consciously or unconsciously the pendulum is seeking for the one thing that will restore its balance. The energy of your thoughts set to a certain positive frequency will do that, at least indirectly, and the pendulum will instantly substitute its aggression with goodwill as a result.

💡If you suspect someone might be ill-disposed towards you, try treating them to a healthy dose of visualization and you will find that they will be quite amenable.

When a pendulum is brought to rest, all that energy comes back to you.

There are always simple solutions to complex problems. The key to solving a problem always lies somewhere on the surface, the question is how to spot it.

Try looking at the situation as if you had no emotional attachment to it.
Remain observant, don’t play the game.

There is always a straightforward solution to every problem.

Do not accept the “complicated” interpretation projected by the pendulum.

Be empty of the problem.

Quiet the chatter of the mind and contemplate the nature of emptiness.

Stay free, even of those who preach to you of freedom.

The human environment is built entirely on pendulums.

It is never possible to be completely free of pendulums.


A pendulum is created by the energy of a group of people thinking in the same way.
A pendulum is an energy based information structure.
A pendulum maintains the thought energy of the adherent at its own vibrational frequency.
A harsh battle for adherents takes place between the pendulums.
A destructive pendulum forces goals onto its adherents that are not of their own making.
A pendulum plays on human emotion, thereby catching the individual in their web.
If there is something that you really do not want it will appear in your life.
To free oneself from a pendulum means to give it no place in your life.
To give something no place in your life does not mean to try and avoid it; it means to ignore it.
To bring a pendulum to rest you have to change the established game script.
Positive visualization will gently bring the swing of a human pendulum to rest.
The energy of a stilled pendulum becomes available to you.
Problems are solved by defeating or stopping the pendulum that created them.
To solve a problem, rent yourself out.
To avoid getting stuck in a suspended state, find your own pendulums.
It is essential to acquire the habit of remembering what you know.

The Wave of Fortune

💡Your thoughts return to you like a boomerang.

All pendulums have one and the same goal, which is to receive energy from their adherents.

Every individual has their own wave of fortune.

You do not actually have to make a huge effort to saddle a wave of good luck. It is a question of choice. If you accept the wave of fortune into your life it will stay with you.

To claim freedom of choice you must be independent.

Most people’s minds are filled with constant chatter. If the chatter is not controlled negative thoughts begin to dominate very often.

Whenever your mind is unoccupied, that does not require deep concentration, make sure that you program yourself to think positive thoughts.
Do not think about what you have been unable to achieve.
💡Think about what you want to achieve, and you will achieve it.

Changing your vibration is not that difficult to do.

  1. Accept the current situation and let go of feelings of dissatisfaction and resentment.
    • Try to find little causes for joy in any situation.
    • Be grateful.
    • If you are thankful for what you have and feel love for all the things that are helping you to survive you will radiate positive energy.
    • When you finally do move, make a point of thanking everything that surrounded you in your previous home. Even the things you plan to throw away deserve your gratitude. In these moments you are transmitting positive energy into the environment which will return to you later.
  2. Start thinking about the house you would like to have.
    • We always end up getting the things and situations which our thoughts are most strongly attached to.
    • Our thoughts always come back to us like a boomerang.
    • If you openly express displeasure you are accepting the pendulum and pushing it to make it swing higher.

Everything will turn out fine as long as you stay positive.

Make sure you are not taking in negative energy.
Make sure you are not putting out negative energy too.

You are always on a life line that represents the quality of your energetic vibration.
If you take in negative energy you will experience disappointments in your life and if you give out negative energy it will return to you like a boomerang in the form of disappointment.

Acquire the habit of giving your attention to all that is positive and good.
→As soon as you see, read, or hear something pleasing or encouraging hold it in your thoughts and let it lift your spirits.
→Observe how life is moving in a better direction, take hold of any straw of happiness you are offered and look for good signs in everything.

Every minute you give to the Transurfing practice, you are consciously moving towards your dream, setting the course of your own destiny.
→Once this feeling becomes a habit you will be constantly riding the crest of good fortune.

Be happy for all that you have in this given moment.

A positive attitude always leads to success and creativity.

The more a person worries about failure the more readily new failures will appear in their life.

If a person is strong, every failure they experience is taken to be a useful lesson, making them tougher and more experienced.
Find joy in all parts of your world and you will transform it into paradise.

💡The most important thing to remember when you suffer a setback is that the setback has been created by a pendulum that is trying to get its hook into you.
→Once you can remember this, it is not that difficult to defeat a pendulum or still its sway.

You will notice how as soon as you start behaving differently you are bombarded with unpleasant news and circumstances as if someone was deliberately trying to thwart you. Do not give up.

You have to become a transmitter of positive energy as well as a receiver of exclusively positive energy.
→If you can do this the world around you will very quickly change for the better and you will easily slide onto more successful life lines.
→In the end, the wave of fortune will greet you, lift you up and rush forward carrying you on to success.

If the trader believes in the power of the ritual it will help them attune to the frequency of the life line of successful trading.


The wave of good fortune is an accumulation of favorable life lines in the alternatives space.
A cascade of good luck follows only if you have let yourself become imbued with the joyful energy evoked by the first stroke of luck.
Destructive pendulums will try to coax you away from the wave of fortune.
When you overcome dependence on pendulums you win your freedom.
By taking on and transmitting negative energy you create your own hell.
By accepting and transmitting positive energy you create your own heaven.
Your thoughts always return to you like a boomerang.
Pendulums cannot throw you off the wave of fortune once remembering has become a habit.
The habit of remembering is developed through consistent practice.


Everything in nature strives towards balance.

💡Thoughts radiate energy.

Everything that occurs on an invisible level is reflected in the world of visible material objects.

💡The simplified model of balance: where excess potential appears, balanced forces emerge to eliminate it.

Excess potential is created by mental energy when too much importance is given to a particular object.

On an energetic level all material objects are of equal significance. It is we that attribute specific qualities to them.

Excess potential only appears in cases where the level of importance attributed to the assessment is excessive.

Generally speaking, if an object is very important to us we are incapable of objectively assessing its quality.

The bias in assessment generates excess potential only if it is attributed great meaning.

It is only the importance that the assessment has for you personally that enables your energy to be transmitted to it.

In reality, the number of problems a person experiences is reduced significantly when they lower their expectations and relax their attachment.

You have to consciously reevaluate your relationship to your work if you want to avoid creating excess potential.
→People who do not know how to switch off and relax do not know how to work well either.
→Total immersion in your work is only justified from the point of view of balance if it is connected to your personal goal.

If you love your work because it coincides with your personal goal then it can serve as the tunnel that leads to success.
→This kind of work nourishes your energy, bringing joy, inspiration and fulfillment.
→If you are one of the lucky ones who can confidently say that they feel this way about their work then you have nothing to worry about.

💡If a person is dissatisfied with their achievements to the degree that it serves as motivation for self-improvement then balance is not disturbed.

To avoid having to turn to a psychotherapist further down the road, let yourself go and forgive yourself for your perceived imperfections.

The habit of expressing displeasure at little things is harmful and undermining, whereas the habit of taking pleasure in tiny details is empowering.

💡King Solomon wore a ring with the inscription “This too shall pass” on the inside edge of the ring.

We are all guests in this world and no one has the right to judge that which they did not create.

When a person sees something that is not really there excess potential is created.

Imagine walking through a mountain valley, filled with greenery and flowers. You are thrilled by the incredible landscape. You breath in the fresh air and aromas and your soul is filled with happiness and tranquility. This is love.

Idealization would create a dependency between yourself and the object of your love.

Life often brings people together who are very different and who would appear to be totally incompatible.
→Balanced forces bring people together who have opposite qualities of potential, in that way striving to neutralize the imbalance created by one or the other.

💡Try loving without expectation of reward.
→If you want your love to be mutual you have to love simply without thought of whether you are loved or not.

Of course, situations often arise in which a person deserves to be judge; the question is whether you should be the one to judge them.
→If, however, the person you judge has done nothing specifically to hurt you, then it is not for you to make accusations.

Whatever happens in life, never scorn anyone.

Never judge your work colleagues, whatever they do. At best you will find that at some point you will make the same mistake they did.

Feelings of superiority and inferiority are indicative of dependent relationships.

When a person strives to prove their importance to the world, energy is wasted on supporting excess potential.
Working on self-development, on the other hand, creates real virtues; no energy is wasted and no harmful excess potential created.

In actual fact, misfortune is an anomaly and not a normal phenomenon.

The majority of unpleasant moments we experience are generated by the actions of balanced forces as part of their function in eliminating excess potential created either by you or those in your immediate environment.

Switch your intention from increasing your own sense of self-importance to developing the qualities you admire.

If you believe you can manipulate the world around you things will definitely go wrong because attempts to change the world destroy the balance.

Your fate is truly in your hands but only in the sense that it has been given to you to choose it rather than change it.

Trying to hide a complex or battling against an inferiority complex is futile.

The stronger you want something the less likely you are to get it.
→When you want something so much that you are willing to place everything on the cards to get it, you create huge excess potential which destroys balance.

3 types of desire:

  1. First type is when a strong desire transforms into the determined intention to have something and do whatever is required to get it. Then the desire is fulfilled. The potential created by the desire is dispersed because the energy behind it is fueled into action.
  2. Second type is inactive and tormenting and represents excess potential in its purest form. It lingers in the energy field. In a best case scenario, it wastes the energy of the suffering carrier, and in a worst case scenario attracts all kinds of unrelated problems.
  3. The third type is the most insidious. This type of desire becomes dependent on the object of the desire. Attaching great significance to the desired object automatically creates a dependent relationship and strong excess potential, which in turn calls into effect equally powerful balanced forces.
    →Only the first type of desire can be fulfilled because desire is transformed into pure intention free of excess potential.

The energy of pure intention is all that is required for you to transfer to a life line where the object of desire becomes a part of your reality.

Pure intention is desire and action without the attribution of importance.

It is better to consciously stop negating things in your environment so that you do not create excess potential in the first place.

When you think about the thing you are negating you radiate energy at the frequency of a life line where that thing is present.
You always get the things you love to hate.

If things are genuinely awful, let go of the idea of their importance totally; shake loose your dependency on the situation and start transmitting positive energy right away.

“Impudence is second happiness”.
→In general, people whose conscience does not bother them are not affected by balanced forces even if they have committed a wrong doing.

Feelings of guilt will always produce a script that includes punishment.
→In a best case scenario you will get away with a few cuts or bruises, or some kind of problem will arise. In a worst case scenario, you could have an accident with serious repercussions.
→Guilt brings nothing useful or creative, only destruction.

Excess potential only arises where there is tension and a build-up of energy.

If you are to blame for something then you can accept the punishment, as long as you do not get stuck in the position of the guilty party afterwards.

If you consider yourself guilty of being worse than others, even for a second, it will most certainly be used against you. The opposite is also true. If you are free of the feeling of guilt, it will never occur to anyone to assert themselves over you.

Rulers and leaders have a very poorly developed sense of guilt, or do not experience feelings of guilt at all.
→It is not surprising that it is often the unscrupulous that come to power.

No one else has the right to tell you what to do; one thing is clear, indulging in feelings of guilt can only undermine your position.

People have learned that asking for forgiveness dissolves the excess potential of guilt and it really works.
→When you ask for forgiveness, admit your mistake and release the potential.
→Everyone has the right to ask for forgiveness once and once only.

No one has the right to judge you and you have the right to be yourself.

Be happy if money has come to you but never kill yourself worrying about not having enough money, or spending it, otherwise you will have less and less of it.

It is particularly dangerous to give in to an anxiety that your income is gradually decreasing.

Freeing oneself from the money trap is difficult but it can be done.
→First the cause of the excess potential has to be eliminated, which will either be strong dependency on money, or a very intense desire to have money.
→Start by accepting and enjoying what you already have. Remember that things could always be worse.
→In actual fact anyone can become rich if they serve their own goals.
→We can draw one general conclusion which is that if you have placed the likelihood of achieving your goal on the condition of getting rich fast, drop the condition fast.
→It is not the goal is achieved with the help of money but rather the money that follows on as you create the path to your goal.

Money is nothing more than an accompanying attribute on the path to your goal.
→Do not worry about money and it will come to you of its own accord.
→The most important thing now is to reduce the importance of capital to a minimum so that you do not create excess potential.
→Think only of the thing you wish to achieve.

Money should be spent wisely to keep a flow going as potential appears where there is no flow of energy.
→Wealthy people support charities with good reason as it reduces the excess potential of their accumulated wealth.

There is nothing wrong with always trying to do your best, but if you attribute perfection too much importance, balanced forces will come in and ruin everything.

We are all guests in this world.
→We have the freedom to choose our own path but no one has the right to judge others, to sentence them or to label them.
→When a guest forgets that they are a just a guest, and makes claims to the role of master they run the risk of being thrown out altogether.

The most important thing is not to place everything on one side of the scales. There has to be some kind of counterbalance, protection or alternative plan.

Excess potential calls forth the winds of balacned forces.

To return to a condition of harmony with the rest of the world and free yourself from the burden of the pendulum you have to be able to diminish importance.

Emotions stem from attitudes, so rather than fighting your emotions it is more purposeful to change your attidue.
→Feelings and emotions are simply a consequence of your relationship of attitude to something and that attitude is caused by one thing-importance.

💡Balanced forces will only noticeably affect your life if you are very strongly attached to your own ideas of how things should be; you are obsessive; or have just gone too far.

All the importance we attribute to things, be it inner or outer is simply a projection.
→If a person maintains a state of harmony the best that life has to offer will be available to them but as soon as a person begins to project importance problems arise.

The only obstacle on the path to fulfilling your desires is the projection of artificial importance.

If you find yourself in a problematic situation try and determine where you might have placed too much intensity, gone too far, or become obsessive, consequently projecting excess importance.

Do not try to overcome obstacles; reduce their level of importance.

Excessive emotions and worries are the direct consequence of projected importance.
→It is the cause that has to be dealt with, and the cause if your relationship to whatever the event or other object happens to be.
→You have to make conscious the fact that projecting importance onto things will bring nothing but trouble and with that understanding, intentionally reduce the importance you attribute to things.

Accept yourself the way you are. Allow yourself the luxury of being you.
→Neither exalt nor belittle your own virtues and flaws.
→Strive for a state of inner peace in which you understand that you are neither important nor totally insignificant.
→If your situation very strongly depends on the outcome of a certain event try to find an alternative solution.

The only thing that does not create excess potential is a sense of humor, the ability to laugh at yourself and others without causing offense.

When trying to solve a problem follow one golden rule: before you even start considering where the solution might lie, first reduce the level of importance you associate with the problem. That way balanced forces will not get in the way and the problem can be solved quickly and easily.
In order to reduce importance, first remember and be aware that the problem or situation has arisen as a consequence of projected excessive importance.

Try to catch yourself when you start attributing excess importance to some event you are preparing for.

The best recipe for success is spontaneity, improvisation and a common sense attitude.

The highest level of efficiency in any action is achieved when a person manages to shift the focus of their attention from self and the end goal, to the process of performing the action.

💡Never under any circumstances should you boast about what you have, even if you deserve those things and received them fairly, to say nothing of the things you have not yet achieved, because balanced forces will act against you.

Make yourself at home but do not forget that you are visiting.

There is always a way out, sometimes more than one.

All things in moderation.


Excess potential is only created when you attribute importance to your assessment.
Only the importance you personally attribute to something imbues your assessment with energy.
The force of the excess potential created, increases if your assessment represents a distortion of reality.
The impact of balanced forces is aimed at eliminating excess potential.
The action of balanced forces is often the opposite of the original intention that created the potential.
When renting yourself out, instruct your inner Guardian be help you remain impeccable.
Discontent and judgement will always turn balanced forces against you.
It is essential that habits of negative response be substituted with a transmission of positive energy.
Unconditional love is admiration without worship or the need to possess.
Setting conditions and making comparisons leads to dependent relationships.
Dependent relationships create excess potential.
Idealization and overestimation always end in disillusionment.
To experience reciprocal love you must let go of the right to possess.
You always have to pay for expressions of contempt and vanity.
Let go of the need to assert your superiority.
Striving to hide shortcomings creates the opposite effect.
Your positive qualities compensate for any inadequacies.
The greater the importance of your goal, the less likely you are to achieve it.
Desires are realized when they are free of excess potential created by projected importance and dependency.
Let go of feelings of guilt and the need to justify your actions.
To let go of guilt, it is enough to give yourself permission to be yourself.
No-one has the right to judge you. You have the right to be yourself.
Money comes of its own accord as an attribute on the path to your goal.
Greet money with love and attentiveness and part with it without regret.
Having let go of inner and outer importance you acquire freedom of choice.
The projection of importance is the only obstacle on the way to fulfilling your desires.
Do not try to overcome obstacles; reduce the amount of importance you project onto them.
Take care without worrying.

The Induced Transition

Do not absorb negative information.

💡The more we complain the worse things are as a result.

That is the paradox: you come up against circumstances that disappoint you and so you express your dissatisfaction which then aggravates the situation even more. Your discontent comes back to you like a triple force boomerang.

  1. the excess potential created by your discontent turns balanced forces against you.
  2. your discontent serves as a channel through which a pendulum being can draw on your energy. Thirdly, radiating negative energy, you shift onto life lines of a corresponding vibration.

→The vibration of thought energy radiating from a person who gives their attention to tragic events is hooked in the same way as it is by a television series.
→If you ignore the prod of a destructive pendulum you will never end up involved in a catastrophic event or at least the probability of it happening will be close to zero.
→There are different ways of playing the game of a destructive pendulum, either by supporting it or negating it.

It is very difficult to shift to a life line of prosperity if you despise your own poverty, envy the wealthy, and constantly wish you were better off. Actually, I would say that with these three types of thought in mind it is totally impossible.

A poor person usually does not take action because of their own conviction that the fulfillment of their desire is not realistic.
→Desire of itself has no power.

Another obstacle on the path to wealth is envy.
→There is nothing constructive about envy at all.

A person’s psyche works in such a way, that if they envy something that another has they try to devalue it in every way possible.

Everything that causes you to express a negative reaction is a provocative prod from a destructive pendulum.


Everyone creates the separate layer of their own world.
The world of humanity consists of individual layers, placed one on top of the other.
When a person emanates negative energy they compromise the quality of their own life layer.
Aggression is mistakenly taken to be a strength and dissatisfaction as a normal reaction.
Reacting to negative events induces a shift to negative life lines.
An induced transition is accompanied by a negative event in a personal life layer.
Do not allow negative information into your layer.
“Do not allow” does not mean strive to avoid, but rather, to intentionally ignore, to express no interest.

The Alternatives Flow

When you go with the flow the world meets you halfway.

Learn to interpret what the heart is trying to communicate to the mind at the time a decision is being made.

💡If you want something, don’t plead for it, don’t demand it, just go ahead and get it.

Passive acceptance and overt dissatisfaction cause a person to become a dependent on pendulums.

Do not ask for what you want not to demand it, and not to struggle for it, but simply to go ahead and get it.

Everything can be done a lot more simply than you think. Yield to the simplicity.

Life is a constantly sending us signs.
→If, however, the phenomenon does attract your attention and you feel that there is something unusual or odd about it then it is probably a sign.
→When someone is trying to force their opinion on you it is better to pay no attention, but a spontaneous recommendation or piece of advice might be worth taking seriously.
→Ultimately, only you can interpret the signs that are personal to you.
→The only sign particularly worth focusing on when you are making a decision is your gut feeling and intuition.

Give situations a chance to resolve themselves of their own accord without active involvement or resistance.

By being willing to release control you will acquire more control over a situation than you had before.

💡The objective observer always has the advantage over a direct participant.
→Exercise detachment.
→In many cases letting go of a situation is much more effective and productive than insisting on getting one’s own way.

Never criticize anything that happened in the past and cannot be changed.

In everything else, go with the flow, not in a literal sense by agreeing with everything and everybody, but by moving the center of gravity from control to observation.


The mind interprets information using a set of established designations.
The heart does not think or speak. It feels and knows.
The mind is only capable of building a relatively new version of a house from old bricks.
Fundamentally new discoveries originate in unrealized sectors of the alternatives space.
The heart serves as a medium between new information and the mind.
The heart perceives unrealized information as knowledge beyond interpretation.
A discovery is made when the mind is able to interpret information accessed by the heart.
The mind is capable of perfectly assessing one’s level of inner comfort.
Learn to pay attention to your inner state.
By foregoing the projection of importance you are free to choose your destiny.
Freedom of choice means being free not to ask, demand or fight for what you want but simply to go out and get it.
The information structure is organized in chains of cause and effect.
Chains of cause and effect generate the alternatives flow.
Paths of least resistance are organized into separate streams.
Streams in the alternatives flow contain the solutions to all our problems.
In the alternatives flow it is not the streams but your mind that brings you to the edge of the waterfall.
Everything works a lot more simply than you think. Yield to this simplicity.
What works is not the omen itself but your attitude to the omen.
Guiding signs indicate a possible bend in the flow of alternatives.
Life lines differ from each other in quality.
Signs put us on our guard because they appear during a shift to a different life line.
Signs are characterized by their tendency to evoke the feeling that something is not right.
Spontaneous phrases can be perceived as instructions.
The level of inner peace one feels represents a clear sign.
If you have to talk yourself into something it means that the heart is saying ‘no’.
If it is possible to change a decision that causes you to feel uncomfortable in your gut, do so.
Soften your grip on things and allow unforeseen events into the script.
Projected importance hinders the mind from accepting a deviation from the script.
The mind strives to control the flow itself rather than its own manner of moving with the flow.
Shift the center of gravity from control to observation.
Having let go of attachment to control you will find you have genuine control of a situation.
If you move harmoniously with the flow of alternatives the world will meet you half way.


If you find that you do not remember your dreams, note what direction you sleep in. It is considered best to sleep with your head to the north.
→Avoid sleeping with your head to the west as this can have a negative impact on your health.

The mind is not capable of creating anything fundamentally new. It can only build a new version of a house from old bricks.

Our thoughts have a direct impact on the course of events in our life.

If you set several goals at the same time that are not connected, your thought energy will be spread too thin and dissipate into emptiness.

Realization is brought about not by desire but by one’s attitude to that which is desired.

We define intention as resoluteness in the decision to have and act.

Intention is realized via action.

There is not point asking the Angels, God or higher powers for the things you want. The laws of the universe are absolutely dispassionate, completely indifferent to your complaints, pain, and lament.
→Gratitude however is another matter because gratitude is by nature similar to unconditional love. When a person experiences feelings of sincere gratitude they radiate creative energy.

Choice is about the decision to have and to take action, not about request.

Intention unites desire and action.

Intention in action discharges the excess potential created by the desire quite naturally, without invoking the medium of balanced forces.
→If you need to solve a problem, act. Contemplating the complexity of the problem simply creates excess potential and feeds the pendulum your energy.

Intention to do something by your own efforts is obviously a personal inner intention.

Extend the action of intetion to the external world.

Outer intention has the potential to rule the world, to choose the model of behavior the extrenal world lives by, as well as determine the script and scenery.

All manipulations of time, space, and matter that cannot be expalined logically tend to be described as magic or paranormal phenomena.

These things are the work of outer intention which works to choose life lines in the alternatives space.

You cannot move a pencil that is lying on a table with the power of thought but if you hold the firm intention to imagine that the pencil has moved you may be successful.

It is not the object itself that moves, but its point of realization in the alternatives space.

When you have no doubt in your own might, your thought energy is attuned to life lines where you are king and everyone else assumes that this is how things should be.

All magic rituals are aimed at evoking the power of outer intention but ritual is just the preparation for magic, a theatrical prelude.

💡A person can only truly develop the ability to work with outer intention once they are as free as they can be from manipulation of pendulums.

Inner intention is the concentration of attention on the process of moving towards the goal. This can work but demands a lot of effort. Outer intention is the concentration of attention on how the goal is realized of its own accord. Outer intention simply allows the goal to realize itself.

Inner intention achieves the goal, outer intention chooses it.

Outer intention does not hurry to achieve the goal as it is already a done deal. The fact that the goal will indeed be achieved is neither doubted nor discussed. Outer intention is unremitting, cool-headed, detached and moves the goal indomitably towards its realization.

Using the inner intention a person tries to reposition their own fact of material realization relative to the alternatives space, whereas outer intention shifts the alternatives space so that your material realization is where it needs to be.

When you battle for something it is like you are trying push your realization into the alternatives space, whereas when you choose something the space comes to you.

You have to take certain actions first which lie beyond the widely accepted perception of things.

Outer intention is the cornerstone of Transurfing. It is the key to the Guardian's riddle about why there is no need for us to fight with the world and why we can simply choose the things we want.

Nothing is beyond the capacity of outer intention.

Nothing can be received or completed without intention and there is no intention without faith.
→For the mind to accept something there has to be faith as well as knowledge.

To realize your personal goals run-of-the-mill intention will do! It just takes some time for material realization to build up momentum.

💡The essence of the Transurfing method in contrast is based on leaving inner intention alone and applying the principle of outer intention.
→The power of outer intention is so great that even its tiniest part of enough to achieve formidable results.
→All you have to do is reconsider your established views of the world and you will be able to achieve things you previously thought were beyond you.

The mind is not imagining things when we dream; it simply perceives what the soul witnesses in sectors of the alternatives space that have not been transformed into physical reality.

💡When a person is lying their eyes tend to shift to the right.

In order to work with outer intention you have to wake up.

Outer intention arises not as a result of will but as a consequence of harmony between the heart and mind.

To successfully set outer intention you have to first acknowledge that the script can be controlled. Awareness is also essential if you want outer intention to work in your favor.

Taking responsibility for your own fate is not a burden, but an act of freedom.

The secret of so-called clever people lies in their awareness. Awareness gives clarity of mind.
→The relative sharpness or dullness of one’s mind depends more on awareness than it does on intellect.

Intention neither believes nor desires; it simply does.

Pure intention never creates excess potential. Pure intention assumes that everything is already in the bag. You simply decide that it will be so. It is like an almost accomplished fact. It is the calm realization that something will come into being. For example, I intend to go to the newsstand and buy a paper. There is no desire in this.

Within the context of a life line this is what desire looks like: I want it but am afraid I cannot actually have it and so I think of failure(because it is important to me!) and radiate energy at the vibrational frequency of a failure ridden life line.
→Here outer intention has the opposite effect: I know that I will have what I claim. It is already decided and so I radiate energy at the frequency of a life line where I have what I want.

You will not get a single step closer to working with outer intention unless you reduce the level of importance and emotional intensity you associate with your goals.

Outer intention emerges in moments when there is harmonious connection between the heart and mind.
→As soon as this condition is fulfilled a kind of resonance is created between thought energy and the outer power of intention that picks us up and carries us into the corresponding sector of the alternatives space.

Outer intention is the force that makes Transurfing possible.

Outer intention makes it possible to shift the point of material realization from one sector to another in the alternatives space.

To give yourself up to outer intention you have to achieve unity of heart and mind.
→This can only be done if the intensity of importance is absent.

This thought pattern will help you cleanse your intention of desire:

  1. Consider the goal you want to achieve.
  2. As soon as doubt enter your head you know you have desire.
  3. If you start worrying about whether you have the necessary qualities and skills to achieve the goal it means you have desire.

You have to want and act without fueling the emotion of desire.
→The intention to lift your hand up and scratch the back of your head is an example of intention free of excess potential.
→There should be the pure intention to act, not the desire to act.
→This requires reducing the levels of inner and outer importance you associate with the goal.

Come to terms with the possibility of defeat at the very beginning.
Unless you accept the possibility of defeat you will not eliminate desire.

Make sure than in the process of purifying intention of desire that you do not lose a grip on the intention itself.

  1. Set the intention to achieve your goal and start by accepting the possibility that you may fail.
  2. Run the scenario of defeat round in your mind a few times and consider what you would do if that happened; what might serve as a plan B or safety net.
  3. Invite the realization into your mind, that not achieving the goal would not be the end of the world.
    →Imagining the scenario of defeat should be a one-time event. There is no point in constantly returning to the scene of failure in your mind. The exercise is only intended to free you from the need of achieving the goal exactly as you had imagined.
  4. Once you have consciously accepted the possibility of failure do not think about failure or success, just move in the direction of your goal and set off just as you would if you were going to the newsagents to buy a paper.
    →Success will be in the bag, and if for some reason it is not, then there is no cause for sorrow or regret. If you do not succeed the first time, you will succeed the next as long as you do not tear yourself apart over the initial failure.
  5. Finally, letting go into outer intention does not necessarily mean completely rejecting your personal intentions, sitting at home with your arms folded waiting for harmony between heart and mind to magically appear.
    →No-one is stopping you from achieving your goals in the usual way. Eliminating desire and importance has the same beneficial effect when applied to inner intention. It is just that now, the powerful force of outer intention can also work in your favor helping you achieve things you previously thought impossible.


In conscious dreaming the mind controls the game script.
Dreaming is the virtual journey of the soul through the alternatives space.
Dreams should not be interpreted as signs.
The soul will not necessarily return if it flies into a realized sector of the alternatives space.
It is not desire that is realized but intention, i.e. the resoluteness to have and to act.
Desire is the concentration of attention on the goal.
Inner intention is the concentration of attention on the process of moving in the direction of the goal.
Outer intention is the concentration of attention on how the goal realizes itself.
The goal is achieved by inner intention and by outer intention simply chosen.
Inner intention strives to impact the outside world directly.
Outer intention gives the green light for the autonomous realization of the goal.
The laws of natural science only work in one given sector of the alternatives space.
Outer intention works by moving through different sectors of the space.
Outer intention is the unity of heart and mind.
Imagination takes part in dreaming only to the extent that generates the initial idea.
The heart and mind are united in negative expectation, which is why they are easily realized.
In reality a dream continues in waking to some degree or another.
If you want to exercise control over outer intention you have to wake up.
Whilst you live without conscious awareness, reality cannot be controlled, it just ‘happens’.
Any game must be played with an element of detachment like a participating observer.
Awareness is achieved by being detached from the game.
Detachment presupposes vigilance and complete mental clarity.
Conscious awareness is not so much about control as observation.
Control should be exercised only to the extent that it allows desired scripts into your life.
In order to choose the necessary script you have to imagine that it will be exactly as you desire it.
Inner intention is resoluteness in the decision to act.
Outer intention is resoluteness in the decision to have.
Outer intention is the power that makes Transurfing possible.
In order to reduce the importance associated with the goal the possibility of failure must be accepted at the outset.
Once you have accepted the possibility of failure, do not think, just move in the direction of your goal.


No individual is capable of a totally objective perception of the world around them. It is like inserting a slide into a video projector. Uniform light passes through the film and is transformed into an image that becomes visible on the screen. Metaphorically speaking, the light represents the world around us; the slide represents our worldview, i.e. the model of our understanding of the world; and the image on the screen is our perception of things.

A slide is a distorted picture of reality.

Only potential partners, a very small percentage of the people you come into contact with, actually evaluate and attribute importance to your external appearance.
→No-one else particularly notices what you look like.

💡Focus on the most positive sides of your personality and people will perceive you in that light.
→Positive slides will take effect more rapidly and effectively if you interact with people you have not met before, as they will have no previous conception of you.

Are you filled with the ambitious desire to become a star or a millionaire? If so, can you give yourself permission to become one? Most people believe that fame, money and power are the privilege of the chosen few, but if this is the case, who chooses the chosen ones? Primarily, they chose themselves, and only later, is the choice confirmed by others. If you dream of something but cannot allow yourself to have the dream, it just will not happen.

Suppose you want to get rich. Would you be ready to accept this gift of fate? Of course, if someone were giving away a spare million we would all find it in ourselves to accept the gift without any problem.
You are probably thinking that I mean that the million must be earned and won but this is not what I mean either.
→Are you ready to simply choose and allow yourself to have?

You have to come to terms with the idea that you will achieve your goal.
If you want to be wealthy but are afraid of walking into expensive shops you will not achieve your goal.
If you experience discomfort when visiting an expensive shop it means you are not ready to give yourself permission to own expensive things. The shops assistants in such places can tell immediately who they are dealing with: a potential buyer or a window shopper with an empty wallet. A buyer acts as if they are in control, and holds themselves in a calm, confident and dignified manner aware of their right to look around and choose.

They do not even consider themselves worthy of it.

Give yourself permission to be worthy of luxury.

💡Walk boldly into expensive shops and look at their wares with the manner of an owner and not a servant to a wealthy house.

Outer intention requires the will to haveconsidering yourself worthy and knowing that it all comes down to your personal choice. With outer intention it is not so much a matter of believing as knowing.

People who become celebrities and millionaires are no different to the rest of us in their abilities but they do distinguish themselves in being able to give themselves permission to have the things they want.

It is essential to give yourself permission to have.

The feeling of clarity without words, knowledge without faith, confidence without hesitation comes from the unity that exists between heart and mind.

💡When the idea that any dream is achievable no longer makes you uneasy, doubt will melt away and faith will be transformed into knowledge. The heart will come into harmony with the mind and the will to have appears.

It is futile to try and convince the heart of anything. The heart does not reason, it just knows. The heart can be taught however, and it is capable of embracing a new comfort zone. This requires a slide. With the help of slides unity between heart and mind can gradually be achieved.

Return to the picture you have created again and again and refine the details constantly adding new elements to it.

💡Do not look at the slide from the standpoint of the objective observer; delve into it, live it, at least virtually. Pinch yourself every time you find yourself picturing the slide like an image from a film on a flat screen, as this is not very effective. You have to mentally play out the scenes experiencing yourself as a direct participant rather than a cinema-goer. Whatever you are doing conjure up the slide in your mind’s eye as often as you can. You can think about other things but the picture should always be there in the background. Seeing the slide has to become a habit.
A slide will only bring results if it is reproduced systematically over a period of time.

💡Express an active interest in anything that relates to the object of your dream. Absorb all the necessary information allowing it to penetrate the layer of your world. It helps to play your slide out in real life, at least formally. For example, in those expensive shops you can practice how you would like to choose. Do not think about the money and do not look at the price tags because money is not the goal so much as what you can buy with it. It is enough simply to be around expensive items, to feel the taste of them, to spend time choosing calmly looking around and evaluating the items on display. Allow all these things into your personal space. Look at the items as if you were planning to purchase them soon and not as if they represented an unattainable luxury. Pretend you own the goods already. Let the shop assistants think you are a potential buyer. Play at being a buyer who is discerning in their tastes, (being careful not to be superior). By letting these things into the layer of your world you will gradually attune to a life line in which they can be yours.

There is no need to be concerned with how the things you want will become yours. If you are resolute in your desire to have, outer intention will, without your knowing how, find a way you would never have suspected. When this happens, do not be surprised; do not try to convince yourself that it is a coincidence or show of mysticism.

💡Whenever you feel the slightest sense of awe for the world of your dream, drive the feeling out of your mind.
Outer and inner importance are obstacles on the path to unity of heart and mind.
This is your world and there is nothing in it that is unavailable to you.

The individuals who finally reaped the resources, were the ones who gave themselves the permission to have.
The newfound wealthy few suffered no feelings of guilt, qualms of conscience, doubt or sense of inferiority. They did not consider themselves in any way undeserving and it never occurred to them to feel guilty for shopping in expensive boutiques.

Reality Transurfing 2

By playing an active role in the visualized material you set the parameters of your thought energy to the corresponding life line. For example, if your goal is to have a new home there is no point in looking at it in your thoughts as you would at a painting. Create a kind of virtual waking dream. Enter the house, walk through the rooms touching things as you go; sink into an armchair across from the fireplace and feel the cozy warmth and smell of smoke; put a couple of logs on the fire; go into the kitchen, take a look in the fridge to see what you can find. Go to sleep in a comfortable bed. Do you feel relaxed? Sit at the table with your family. Have a house warming party. Move the furniture around. Touch the grass in the garden noticing how green and soft it is. Plant some flowers. What are your favorite? Pick an apple from the tree and eat it. Make yourself at home because it is your home. Do not look at it with the eyes of a suffering dreamer, with awe as if it were something unavailable or some distant prospect. The house is already yours; act as if it were real.

It is important to remember the following points when working with a slide.

  1. Firstly, if you lose passion for your goal it will dissipate and if you have to force yourself to work with a goal you will soon become fed up of it.
  2. Secondly, it is worth remembering that outer intention does not manifest slides straight away. It gradually brings you closer to the targeted life lines. It requires patience and perseverance.
  3. Finally, if the goal itself is not your personal goal but a goal mixed up with pendulums you will not be able to generate the necessary state of unity between heart and mind required to achieve it.
If you strive towards your goal with all your heart, then visualization of the slide will definitely bring results. When you acquire the genuine will to have, outer intention will find a way of realizing your goal.

If you think the slide represents the entire method of visualization in Transurfing you are mistaken. Even a slide of the highest quality can take a long time to materialize, particularly if the goal lies in a fairly remote sector of the alternatives space in relation to your current life line. The process of reaching the goal however, can be quickened with the help of the Transurfing visualization technique.

In Transurfing the visualization practice involves imagining a mental picture of the process of moving towards your goal based on the principle that the goal must be reached sooner or later because the power of intention is working.

Concentrating attention on the end goal will not move you towards that goal unless you are already just one step away from achieving it.
→You have to at least put one foot in front of the other.

Desire is the concentration of attention on a goal. Intention is the concentration of attention on movement towards the goal. The driving force behind any action is intention and not desire. Hence what moves you towards the goal is to visualize the process of moving towards the goal rather than to contemplate the goal itself.
Intention becoming realized is a process, not a fixation on one single frame.

💡If what you are creating is a computer program, every day when you finish work imagine that the program is gradually becoming more effective and easier to use and how the next day you will impress everyone with new enhancements.
If on the other hand you are working on a business project, imagine that innovative ideas suddenly occur to you and that every day you introduce unique proposals. Observe the growth of your project and give yourself permission to feel assured that it is being transformed into an example of best professional standards.

Whatever the focus, visualize the process.
→Visualize the means by which your project will reach completion. Contemplating the end result will expand the limits of your comfort zone and so in this sense it has its value, but visualizing the process of moving towards your goal will significantly quicken the work of outer intention.

Do not worry if you do not yet know how your goal can be realized.
Continue to visualize your slide calmly and systematically. Once the goal fits easily within the limits of your comfort zone outer intention will present you with a means. There is no need to rush about stressing over how to find a way of achieving your goal. Do away with importance and trust the alternatives flow. Watch the slide; live it and you will automatically take the right type of action.

💡It is not only your position that must change, but also your way of thinking, your manner and perhaps even your character. You cannot attune the parameters of your energy to any level of precision without actually walking the path.

Consecutive path towards a goal in the alternatives space is called a transfer chain. Every link in the chain represents a separate stage. Because the individual stages are linked together in a chain it is impossible to move onto any given stage without having completed the one immediately before it.

Practice visualizing the process of moving towards your goal at your current stage only.
You can picture the end result as often as you like in the form of a slide but the process should only be imagined within the context of your current link in the transfer chain. There is no need to hurry. Everything happens at the right time.

A final definition of visualization in the Transurfing method as mentally picturing the realization process of your current link in the transfer chain.
Mentally picturing an image helps to direct thought in the necessary direction. If thoughts are just given a little push they will continue of their own momentum.
The goal is achieved by living out the link’s realization process in both thought and action.

If you do not know yet how your goal might be realized do not worry; just continue visualizing your slide calmly and systematically. Once the limits of your comfort zone have been widened enough to embrace the goal, outer intention will offer up a suitable means to achieve it. There is no need to stress over finding the right way of achieving your goal. The slide itself will nudge you to take the necessary actions automatically, even subconsciously. Eliminate importance, remain calm, and trust the alternatives flow.

In Transurfing, with the exception of a negative response from the inner voice, sign interpretation is considered to be the least reliable technique one can use, so it is not recommended that you attribute them a great deal of meaning.

Visualization of the process of moving towards the goal. By visualizing the process you unite your personal, inner intention with outer intention.


Illusions are not the result of fantasy but the perception of a different reality.
People present in the material world are capable of perceiving other realities.
Inner convictions can distort a person’s objective perception of the world.
A slide is something you carry around in your own mind that others are not.
Slides distort the perception of true reality.
People have a tendency to hang their projections on others around them.
Importance lies at the foundation of all slides.
As soon as importance disappears the slide ceases to exist.
Outer intention gradually but consistently realizes the content of the slide.
Stop battling with yourself and switch your attention from the negative to the positive.
Create a positive slide that is pleasing both to your heart and mind.
Look at your slide more often each time embellishing it with more detail.
Never portray an image in your slide that is copied from another person.
You will never receive anything that does not trigger your will to have.
Allow yourself the luxury of deserving the absolute best.
The will to have is the immutable knowledge that you deserve what you want and that it is your choice.
Positive slides help you to push open the limits of your comfort zone to include things that previously seemed implausible.
Do not treat the slide as if it were just a picture; live it, at least in the virtual world.
Allow in any information relating to the world of your dream.
It is not contemplation of the result but visualization of the process that moves you towards your goal.
Rather than contemplating the result imagine the process of birth and growth.
In Transurfing, visualization is understood to be the act of focusing on a mental image of the realization process of a current link in the transfer chain.
If it is not clear to you how to achieve your goal, focus on visualizing the slide instead.
The slide will take you in the necessary direction.

The Heart and Mind

Sea spray that forms when an ocean wave crashes serves as a good illustration of birth and death. A drop of spray that has become separated from the waves cannot experience oneness with the ocean or receive energy from it. The individual drop of spray thinks that is exists separately and has nothing in common with the ocean until such time as it falls back into the waters and its awareness of oneness is restored. At this point the drop merges with the ocean into a single whole, for in essence they are made up of the same element–water.

An individual particle of water can take various forms.
→It can be a drop, a snowflake, an icicle, or a cloud of steam.

💡The statement that God created man in his image and likeness is true, only this truth is normally distorted. God can take any form but His essence does not lie in the fact that he has a head, two hands and two feet.

Until a person becomes conscious of their essence and the nature of their oneness with the ocean, the workings of outer intention will be beyond their grasp.

“What does the world really look like?”

You already have everything you need. All you have to do is use it. You are capable of anything, it is just that no-one has told this yet.

You are capable of creating incredible works of art, making unique discoveries, achieving phenomenal results in sport, business and any other profession. All you have to do is turn to your heart, for the heart has access to all knowledge, as well as the previous achievements of all humanity. You just have not asked your heart yet. All great geniuses of art, science, and business have only succeeded in creating masterpieces because they turned to their hearts. What makes your heart any worse than theirs? Nothing!

All masterpieces speak to us in the language of the heart.
Whatever you do your work will only create an impression if it comes from the heart.

All you have to do is accept the axiom that the heart has everything it needs and then give yourself the oy of making the most of it. It is incredibly simple and at the same time totally incomprehensible and still, you can allow yourself the luxury of having. The will to have depends on you alone. You can do anything.

Only you can decide whether you want to fully exercise your rights or not.
If you can allow yourself to have something you will achieve it.

Allow yourself to be you.

A person becomes a star because of their willingness to be different and their own unique individuality.

Copying someone else’s script always creates a parody.

The reason we like these people is because they have realized their own unique qualities right within their own sector of the alternatives space.

Guardian Angels
Many people believe that they have a Guardian Angel who helps them. If you believe in your personal Guardian Angel that is wonderful because it means that it exists.

The more sincerely you love your Angel and express your gratitude for any small thing it helps you with, the stronger the little Angel will become and the more it will support you. Ultimately, it does not really matter whether the Angel exists independently or whether it is created by your thoughts.

💡In the end, you get what you believe in, although if I was you, I would believe in my Guardian Angel. What if Guardian Angels do exist irrespective of whether you believe in them or not. What if they love us, look after us as best they can but we have forgotten them and turned away from them? The Angel might need your love and be weakened by your lack of attention. It might be drained of energy and unable to assist its ward.

People with extrasensory abilities can communicate with their Angel. Do not worry if you are not one of these people. Your angel will find a way of setting you on the right path. It is important not to take offense at your angel, or even worse, get angry with it. Your angel knows what to protect you from and where to send you because in comparison to your angel you are like a blind kitten. It is not for you to reproach your angel. You have no idea of the misfortunes your angel might be bending over backwards to protect you from.

If you are pleased with your success, give yourself a slap on the back and be proud of yourself. This is a good thing. It is better to praise yourself too much than to be reproachful or self-critical. The only negative thing about being very pleased with yourself, is that it can create excess potential, perhaps just a little but enough and so balanced forces can end up spoiling your soul’s celebration.

There is one way of taking joy and pride in one’s triumphs without creating excess potential which is to share your glee and satisfaction with your Guardian Angel. Your angel took care of you and helped you get there and so it deserves your praise and gratitude. When you are relishing in the delight of a positive result and feel satisfied with yourself remember your Angel and delight in these moments together. Talk to your Angel; be unsparing in your praise and thanks. It is in fact better to praise your Angel than to praise yourself. Have sincerity; give away the gift of your right to reward wholeheartedly. You have nothing to lose because you have already received what is yours leaving you free to thank and congratulate your Angel.

Whatever you do, do not neglect your Angle.
Remind your Angel constantly that you love it and are grateful to it. It will become stronger as a result and reward you handsomely.

  • If someone tries to persuade you that you must work for the good of someone or something else do not believe them.
  • If someone tries to prove to you that everything in life comes through hard work alone, do not believe them.
  • If someone is imposing a harsh battle on you to secure your place in the sun, do not believe them. If they try to tell you what your place is, do not believe them.
  • If someone tries to draw you into a religious sect or community because you can make ‘an essential contribution to the common goal’, do not believe them.
  • If they tell you that you have to live your entire life in poverty because that is how you were born, do not believe them. If they tell you that you have limited options, do not believe them.

You will soon see that pendulums will not leave you alone that easily. As soon as shoots of your will to have begin to show themselves pendulums will create a situation designed to force you accept that your options are limited. The moment you feel strong enough to choose and determine the script yourself, pendulums will upset your plans. As soon as you begin to feel calm and confident they will get their claws into you.

Do not respond to provocation and do not let them shake you off balance. Keep the importance you attribute to things to a minimal level and be conscious of your actions. Keeping importance at zero is what the situation calls for, not massive effort and tenacity.

Try to be consciously aware of the fact that it is the pendulum and not you that is desperate for importance.
The box that inhibits your soul is made from the importance you attribute to things. Do not attribute excessive importance to anything. You must simply take what is yours, calmly and without insistence.
The pendulums are just waiting for your spirits to fall. If something distresses you, make it seem less important. Be aware that it is just a game; and precisely that, a game and not a fight.
The game is harsh and relies on human weakness. The moment you give any slack to importance you lose.

Beauty lies not in the heart or soul but rather in the harmonious connection between heart and mind.

No one who has not yet learned to love themselves, who is self-critical, begrudges their work, lives in mental turmoil or at odds with their own soul can ever radiate the beauty of charm.

You have to first love yourself and only then pay attention to the virtues of others.

To learn to love yourself, shake outer importance off its pedestal and give up worshipping other peoples’ standards. Who is stopping you from creating your own standards? Let others chase after your standards. Release inner importance and let yourself go. You are not obliged to follow or live up to other peoples’ standards.
When you love your heart with all your mind outer intention will carry you to a life line where you will be totally accepting of yourself.
When your thought energy radiates at the frequency of self acceptance and self-fulfillment outer intention will pick you up and carry you onto life lines where you really do have something to be proud of.

Allow yourself to have what the heart desires.

When considering your goal, do not think about whether it is prestigious. Shake the goal from the pedestal of unattainability. This will reduce outer importance. Likewise, when you are thinking about your goal do not think about how to achieve it. This will reduce internal importance. Only think about how comfortable you feel. Imagine how you would feel if you had already reached your goal. Do you genuinely feel good about it, or it is like a heavy weight in your heart?

We are not given this life to serve others. We are given this life to realize our own individual potential.

Do not believe anyone who tells you that you have to change yourself in order to be successful.
→This is the pendulums’ favorite recipe. Apparently if something is not working you have to work on yourself.

Transurfing has no relationship to pendulums and so recommends a completely different path; do not change yourself – accept yourself.
Listen to the dictates of the heart consciously reducing importance as you go; allow yourself to have, and you will receive anything your heart desires.
To bring your heart and mind to unity you have to pay attention more often to your level of inner peace.

Only a feeling of inner tension in response to a decision made by the mind can serve as a reliable guideline.

When considering your goal, don’t think about how prestigious it is or how achievable it is, or how exactly you might achieve it; the only thing you should pay any attention to is how comfortable it makes you feel.
Does thinking about it make you feel good or bad? This is the only thing that matters.

The heart does not understand words and so mindless repetition will have no effect on it. The heart only understands feeling and thought which go beyond words. Words can be used to simulate thoughts and feelings to a certain degree but they are not as efficient because speech is a secondary medium. It is more effective to feel something once than to repeat it a thousand times in words.
Strive to experience the feeling and repeat the affirmation simultaneously.

“Everything is working out fine.” not “Everything will work out fine.”
If you write the affirmation using the future tense, the future will never become the present being simply transformed into an oasis somewhere just ahead of you. You have to set the parameters of your energy as if you already have the thing you are ordering.

💡Affirmations work most effectively when you are in a zero emotion state, when there is no excess potential.


Allow yourself the boldness to exercise the right to your own amazing individuality.
Keep the joy and give the pride to your Angel.
Human thought and behavior is conditioned by dependency on pendulums.
Keep importance to a minimum and act with conscious awareness.
Do not attribute anything excessively meaning.
You do not need importance; pendulums do.
It is not effort and steadfastness but conscious intention that keeps importance at zero.
Fraile characterizes the individual essence of the human soul.
In chasing after other peoples’ standards the mind becomes all the more divorced from the heart.
You will acquire many hidden virtues by attuning your mind to the soul’s Fraile.
In a state of unity the heart sings and the mind rubs its hands in satisfaction.”
Focusing on the means the mind places a fatal cross on the elusive goal.
Allowing yourself to have is the most important condition to fulfilling your desires.
Despite all its attractiveness, if something weighs on you the goal may be false.
Never believe anyone who expects you to change yourself.
Inner discomfort manifests as heavy anxiety, a feeling of being burdened and oppression.
A feeling of inner comfort does not signal an unequivocal ‘yes’.
A feeling of inner discomfort signals an unequivocal ‘no’.
When considering your goal, do not think about how prestigious or realistic it is; do not think about the means to achieving it.
Give your attention to how comfortable thinking about it makes you feel.
Any affirmation should be accompanied by corresponding feelings.
Every affirmation should be positive and have a narrow focus.
Focus the affirmation on the cause, not the effect.
Formulate the affirmation in the present tense.
When the will to have is free of the desire to have the pendulum has nothing to hook into.
You calmly take what is yours without insistence, just like you take the post from your letter box.

Goals and Doors

By breaking through stereotypes, you open doors.

Despite the fact that a lifespan seems a long time it passes quickly and unnoticeably and so it is essential that you learn to find the things that bring you personal happiness.

When you are shopping:

  1. If you always want to be able to always to find exactly the thing you are looking for you have to learn to distinguish between things that are yours and things that are meant for someone else.
  2. Never torture yourself with the problem of choosing because this destroys balance.
  3. Just walk around the shops and observe, as if you were at an exhibition. Do not think.
  4. Make sure you have a general picture of what you would like to buy.
  5. You should not analyze why you are attracted to any particular item. You just like it and that is all.
  6. You should buy it without any further thought.

If you love something the moment you set eyes on it and you feel delighted straight away then the soul is saying “yes“. Then the mind switches on and begins to analyze and justify its decision. If at the end of the analysis the mind also says “yes” it means the thing is yours.

If you catch yourself persuading or trying to convince yourself that something is right for you because of the style or size you should immediately put the thing to one side without an ounce of regret because it is not yours.
An unequivocal criterion for personal choice can be expressed in one simple phrase: if you have to persuade yourself to have something, it is not yours.
Remember, if a thing is meant for you, you will not have to convince yourself of anything.

As far as pricing goes all I can say is that your things do not necessarily have to be found in expensive shops. However, if it really comes to it Transurfing can eliminate the problem of money from your life. 💡If you define the goal that is meant for you and strive towards it, rather than striving for money the resources will come to you of their own accord, in great abundance.
The next step is to abandon the desire to achieve your goal.
You are calmly aware that your thing is waiting for you somewhere and you know exactly how to distinguish it from things that are meant for another. This assures that importance is kept at a minimum level. Immediately
Finally, you will make the task much easier if you forget about strict planning. Rather than tying yourself to circumstances or stubbornly insisting on your own ways of doing things trust the alternatives flow. Life can be an easy holiday if you allow it to be. Take what is meant for you calmly and without insistence.
→This technique will not work if you are choosing clothes for someone else.
→Your soul cannot choose something meant for another so you have to rely on being guided by practical concerns.

New trends are created by people who are relatively free from pendulums.
“When a person is on a life line meant for them and following their own true path, they experience happiness in the present moment even if attainment of the actual goal still lies ahead. Life becomes transformed into an ongoing celebration. When the goal is achieved they will be doubly happy but in the meantime the process of striving makes every day a holiday.

💡When you work towards your own goal through your own door obstacles are easily overcome and work does not feel like a burden.

If you feel that your goal represents an enforced obligation in the slightest way you should dump it boldly. If the goal is yours you should not have to persuade yourself to work on it because you will be enjoying it so much.

💡If you are strong and cool you will master yourself, clear everything from your path, survive hell and high water, and finally win your place in the sun. If you are weak-shut up and know your place.

The human psyche is such that we are attracted by everything kept under lock and key. It is human nature to long to possess things that are unavailable. This feature of human psyche originates in childhood when we have many desires but very little is accessible to us.

I really want this with all my heart and soul or do I just enjoy wanting it?
If achieving the goal would mean that you could prove something either to yourself or to others then the goal is also misguided.
Your goal does not hang around your neck like a lead weight. It gives you genuine pleasure.

True goals always work for you, for your wellbeing and success.

You have to remember that first and foremost you live for yourself.
You do not own anyone anything and you are not beholden to anyone.

When considering your goal do not think about how prestigious or seemingly unattainable it is, or the means to achieve it. Focus your attention on inviting your inner voice to speak. How comfortable does thinking about the goal make you feel inwardly?

What do I really want?
Have you ever once seriously thought about it?

The majority of people are so preoccupied with the affairs of pendulums, that they just do not find the down time for their own soul.

If you look inside yourself and have no sense of an inner-most desire this suggest that your life force is depleted.

It is not possible for your heart to have no desires.

Until your own goal is clearly defined you should be extremely careful in responding to appeals for help.

If the idea of needing to take care of others originates somewhere outside yourself, whatever the source, it represents a foreign goal.

Love yourself first and foremost and to take care of yourself. This is the only way of finding the path to your own goal.

By thinking about the means to achieve a goal you attune your thought energy to a life line of bad luck because it involves the mind running through all the potential scenarios of defeat.

Miracles only happen when you break the conventional stereotype by thinking about the goal rather than the means to achieve it.
What previously seemed to unrealistic will suddenly present itself in a different light. As if quite randomly, a totally realistic path will open up in front of you.
→From the point of view of Transurfing, there is no miracle here. You have simply attuned to the frequency of the target line, decided to have with intent, and outer intention has carried you to a life line where new opportunities appear and new doors open which you would never have suspected existed when your vision was limited to the previous life line.

Breaking through stereotypes you open locked doors.

💡If you have the will a way will present itself. The important thing is to define your innermost desire and acquire the will to have and act with intent.
→Intention transforms desire into a concrete goal. Without intention a desire can never be fulfilled.

What do you want most out of life? What will make your life happy and joyful?

Settle on one main goal.
Achieve that goal and fulfillment of all your others desires will follow on behind.

💡Do not forget that your goal should make your life feel like one continuous holiday with all its accompanying attributes.

What does your heart long for? What would make your life feel like a continual holiday?

Do not think about the means of achieving your goal until you have firmly decided on what the goal should be.
If you cannot see yourself clearly in your imagined role it might be that you are not ready for it yet.

Do not be tempted to make money your goal as if all your problems would disappear if only you had more money.
→Money is an abstract category designed to help the mind, but in no way intended for the heart. The heart has no idea what to do with money because it is not capable of abstract thinking.
Your end goal has to be comprehensible to the heart.
The heart has to know what you want to buy with the amount you have requested, be it a house, casino or private island.

What do I want in life?

It is not the task of the mind to do searching in your process of choosing a goal.

Active searching for your path will lead to nothing.

  • Do not worry about it; wait and observe.
  • A moment will come when you will receive certain information that inspires your interest. At this point simply pay attention to your inner voice.
  • You can quicken the coming of the necessary information by extending your circle of interests. Visit places you have never been to before: the museum, an excursion, the cinema, trekking, a different part of town, a bookshop, wherever.
  • There is no need to actively search for information; simply widen the diapason of external information you receive and observe.
  • Do not set any particular timescale.

💡Simply hold the following statement in mind: I am looking for the thing that will make my life feel like a holiday.

Be more attentive to your inner feelings than you have been before.
Have the statement working constantly in the background of your mind.

Doors will fly open before you that previously had been closed.

The only thing in life that is genuinely important is the process of defining your own goal and finding your own door.

Enforced necessity is just another method used by pendulums to draw the individual away from their true path.
In reality, you can even make a hobby profitable if the hobby fits your goal. If you are forced to abandon the thing you love doing most because it does not provide you with an income you should look at whether the activity is related to your heart’s innermost desire or not. However, if you are certain that the activity you love doing is strongly connected to your personal goal you can expect it to bring all the attributes of a comfortable lifestyle.

💡You will have to decide by what means you are going to become wealthy; for money is attracted not to the induvial as such, but to what the individual represents, a star of show-business, a large industrialist, a financial expert, a leading specialist or perhaps an heir.

Choosing your goal and door can take months.

Allow yourself to make mistakes.

Do not put all your eggs in one basket. Give yourself alternative paths.

There is another way of testing whether a door is yours or not.
A foreign door might pretend to be yours, opening up before you, but at a critical moment it will slam shut in your face.
Everything may go quite well initially as you pass through a foreign door but eventually, when you find yourself right at the cutting edge of things, failure will befall you.

Without intention, desires are never realized and dreams do not come true.

Only intention i.e. the will to have and act can change your life.
→Let us suppose that you have managed to define your goal and are full of the will essential to achieving it. You are burning with impatience to get going. This is the moment to release the grip. Reduce the importance surrounding your goal and abandon any attachment to reaching it, so that all that is left is intent. All that remains, then, is to act within the context of purified intention i.e. to do everything that is expected of you, without desiring or pushing for the end result.
→The only thing that can spoil your progress along the path to your goal is taking on the burden of excessive responsibility, making excessive effort, extreme diligence or coercion.

When you are moving towards your goal through the right door there is no need to apply excessive effort.
Your ideal life line will contain minimal obstacles as long as you do not lean too hard on importance.
Go after your goal in the same way that you go to get the post from the letter-box.

Do not think about the problem; actcreate momentum, irrespective of how things might turnout, and then the problem will be resolved in the process.

Moving towards a true goal through the door that is meant for you is like passing along a well-trodden road. No-one and nothing can stop you if importance as long as importance is kept at a minimal level and you refrain from fighting against the alternatives flow.
Because you are walking your true path you have nothing to worry about, even if difficulties temporarily arise.
You are forcing yourself to do something; you are overly impatient to achieve your goal; or you are attributing something excessive importance. Relax your grip.

You convince the mind not that everything will go smoothly, but that everything is already going smoothly.

Relax the grip. Do not think about problems that have not happened yet; just go calmly with the alternatives flow.

I recommend that you stop thinking about possible scenarios of how events might develop.
On the path to your goal, the will to have must prevail.

The will to place one foot in front of the other represents the inscrutable intent to do the minimum of what is required of you.

The target slide should only include the final picture of your life once the goal has been achieved without any additional scripts. Turn this slide over in your mind continuously; live inside it.
Eradicate any desire or importance from your attitude to it all.
Give yourself permission not to be perfect and to make mistakes.
Accept the possibility of defeat in advance and consider emergency exits and back-up plans.

Most importantly, whatever happens, never put all your eggs in one basket.
There must always be some kind of counterbalance, fallback option or retreat because when you have these your heart is calmed and balanced forces will leave you be.
For example, do not leave your previous job until you are guaranteed of finding a new one. Do not slam doors behind you or burn bridges; be careful and prudent.

No one is immune to misfortune.

If you do not get in outer intention’s way with intense actions motivated by heightened importance it will most certainly deliver you to your goal.
If you practice visualizing your target slide outer intention will guide you and because outer intention works beyond the limits of familiar scenarios and stereotypes it will introduce unexpected changes.

If something does not turn out as you expected do not hurry to correct the situation; instead, try and see the unexpected event in a positive light that shines in your favor.

Today is better than yesterday and tomorrow will be better than today.

Do not worry about the future; live in the present.

Nothing ever goes entirely smooth.

Do not watch how other people walk their path to success or try to keep up with them. Do not give in to the herd instinct. You have your own calling.

If you associate your dream with the idea of helping those close to you everything could go very wrong.

The heart to think of anyone else’s happiness besides its own. The heart does not really care about other people, no mater how near and dear they are. It thinks only of its own wellbeing. Its life in this world is a remarkable and unique opportunity.
Contrary to popular belief, all gestures of altruism originate in the mind, not the heart.

💡If you choose to devote yourself to serving others you will never find your own happiness.

Money can serve neither as a means nor a goal.
Money is simply an accompanying attribute along the way to your goal.
There is no point in sharpening your focus on money.
If the set goal is truly yours money will come to you of its own accord and you will not need to worry about it at all.

Whilst you are only on the path to your goal you should put your own happiness first.

Once on the path to your goal through the right door you will be racing the crest of the wave of good fortune.

Everything will start to pick up.
Various problems will find a way of disappearing and inspiration will visit you often.
It is assumed that inspiration is extremely difficult to find and that it appears spontaneously and always unexpectedly like a muse that pops in for a bit without prior warning.

In reality, inspiration comes from union between heart and mind in the absence of importance.

Inspiration is simply freed up when the importance potential drops.

Inspiration will not come to you until you release the stranglehold of anticipation. Inspiration does not arrive; it is freed up in the moment that the potential of importance leaves.

Sooner or later, the goal will be fulfilled. The will to have and the complete absence of insistence and determination on your part play the key role. Take what is yours calmly.

Inspiration is freed up in act of working.

Just as you may have more than one goal, you have more than one door.
→Hence it is never too late to look for a new goal even if several previous goals have become objectively impossible to attain.

Everyone makes mistakes. The important thing is not to fall into despair or criticize yourself too harshly.
You will eventually find your own door.

A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.

True success grows from the ruins of past failures.

It is also advisable to be cautious of the advice given by loved ones who definitely “want the best for you.”

Do not give in to the influence of other people. Believe in yourself. In the search for your goal do not listen to anyone and follow your heart.


A foreign goal is always punishing, coerced and feels like an obligation.
A foreign goal appears in the guise of fashion and prestige.
A foreign goal attracts you with its apparent unattainability.
A foreign goal forces you to prove something to yourself and others.
A foreign goal is imposed upon you by others.
A foreign goal serves to improve someone else’s material wellbeing.
A foreign goal makes you feel uneasy.
In the process of achieving the goal you will fulfil all other desires along the way.
What is your heart drawn to? What would make your life joyful and happy?
Do not think about the means until you have clearly determined your goal.
Having made the decision, be aware of how your inner voice responds.
Slides can eliminate inner inhibitions but never inner discomfort.
The heart always knows exactly what it does not want.
It is not the mind’s task to do the searching when you are looking for your goal.
It is the mind’s task to absorb information from the outside world at the same time as paying particular attention to the still, inner voice within.
Your door is the path that will lead you to your goal.
If you cannot see the path, picture the mental image of your target slide.
Outer intention will open your door for you to your target life line.
If you experience a feeling of inspiration on the path to your goal you know that you have chosen the door meant specifically for you.
Everything you do willingly and easily has meaning and value.
Do not include any scripts in the target slide. You already have what you want.
Do not put your goal and door in one basket. Find a potential substitute.
Do not slam any doors or burn any bridges.
Do not allow yourself to be influenced by others. Trust yourself.


You do not have to fight for your health or store up energy. Simply let it in.

Energy levels is the ability to absorb and use energy: physiological energy and free energy.

For the practice of Transurfing you have to be able to swiftly induce a relaxed state in any circumstance.

💡If after talking to someone you feel exposed, vulnerable, weak or shaky you can assume that your energy has been sucked.

The human body is surrounded by an invisible energy field called an aura.
→Energy moves in a slow wave from the center of your body and then spills over onto the surface forming a ball.

You can develop and maintain healthy energy levels by regularly performing the following exercise.

  1. First stand in a comfortable, relaxed position.
  2. Breathe in and imagine a flow of energy coming out of the ground, entering the perinea region and moving up the spine (roughly at the distance indicated above) exiting the head and extending upwards into the sky.
  3. Now breathe out and imagine that a flow of energy is descending from the sky.
  4. The flow of energy enters the head, moves along the spine and passes out and down into the ground.
  5. With time your sensitivity will develop and you will learn to feel the energy moving.
  6. Next imagine both currents moving towards each other simultaneously without crossing, each in its own meridian.
  7. Now imagine that the ascending flow exits the body and pours downwards over the head in a fountain shape.
  8. Similarly, the descending flow exits the body and passes in the opposite direction directly under the feet.
  9. Then draw your attention to the surface of your body. Feel the surface of your skin and extend this same feeling out into the sphere like a balloon that gets bigger when you blow into it.
  10. When you mentally inflate the surface of your skin the sphere created by the meeting fountains of energy becomes firmly established.

Only physiological energy can be stored.

Free energy is permanently present in a limitless quantity at every point of the field. You can literally take as much as you can carry.

Do not try to accumulate energy; just allow it to pass freely through you in the form of two counter directional currents.

Do not strive to become a bundle of energy; rather, imagine yourself to be a drop in the ocean.

Increasing your energy levels not only gives you more vitality; it increases your power of influence.

💡When you are waiting for a very important meeting, abandon importance and activate your central meridians until they are flowing in fountains.
When your energy is running well, you do not need half as many clever words and convincing arguments. Simply turn on the fountains.

“My channels are widening and my intention energy is increasing.”

Pendulums generated by illness are among the most powerful of all pendulums.


Physiological energy is spent on the execution of physical action.
Intention depends on free energy.
Free energy passes through the body in two opposing currents.
The energy of intention is blocked when you are stressed.
To get rid of stress, wake up and drop importance.
If reducing importance is not possible there is no point in wasting energy trying to relax.
You can strengthen your protective shield by performing energy exercises.
Do not try and accumulate energy just let it freely pass through you.
High energy levels depend on wide central meridians.
Performing energy exercises is an effective way of strengthening the meridians.
Cleansing the body will significantly widen the meridians.
Inner intention is focused on being ill and getting better.
Outer intention is focused on leading a healthy lifestyle.
Never accept the game of destructive illness pendulums.
During the exercises pay attention to the central meridians.
Intention lies in focused concentration not gusto and diligence.


Abandon the intention of receiving; replace it with the intention of giving, and you will receive the very thing you gave up.

Use other people’s inner intentions to achieve your goals.

At the end of the day, all problems arise due to a conflict of interests surrounding inner intention.

People are so consumed with what they want to get from others that they do not bother to find out what those other people want.
→By shifting your attention to the desires and motivations of others you will easily find your own needs met.

Everyone else at the party is primarily concerned with themselves and what other people think about them.

When someone is talking to you what they need most is for you to give them your attention and show an interest in them as a person.
You can be quite certain that people are exclusively interested in themselves, so be interested in them too.

You attract attention to yourself, by showing interest in others.

Do not talk to people about what you are interested in, talk to them about what they are interested in, including themselves.

In everyday communication it does not matter how interesting you are. What matters is how well the other person thinks you would suit them in a relationship and this is what they are evaluating whilst communicating with you.

The sense of self-worth they experience when talking to you however, is their upmost priority.

Set yourself the task of giving your partner the opportunity to appear interesting rather than trying to be an entertainer conversant.

You sacrifice putting your own personality in the spot light to allow the personality of another to shine; and as a result you receive the very thing you sacrificed.

When you want something from someone you should let go of the inner intention to receive and substitute it with the intention to give.

Arrange things in such a way that the person wants to help you. Agree things so that it corresponds to their goals and aspirations. Ask yourself how you can connect what you want with another person’s needs.

Work out how the task that is important to you might improve the person’s sense of self-worth. Then, present the task to them in the context of how it would increase their stature.

💡Do not think about how to sell your products. Think about what the buyer might want to purchase.

Once you are already helping someone else to fulfill their inner intention consider causally ask what you need from that person. Whilst you are busy realizing the other person’s intentions, make your request in passing.

If you need something from someone all you have to do is think of how doing what you require of them would increase their sense of self-worth. This is what they call issuing a challenge.

The position of outer intention lies in determining what people want, what they are missing, what they need, what motivates them and what their interests are.

Only ventures that aim to fulfill their customers’ current demands can be guaranteed of success.

People feel driven to work hard in contributing to a common goal when they feel their individual worth is being valued.

Avoid injuring other peoples’ sense of self-esteem like the plague. Make it a kind of taboo.

💡It is important to start a conversation in such a way that the first word a person says is “yes”.
→Never begin a conversation with a sensitive issue.

Do not justify your mistakes, acknowledge them.

When you manage to establish a close connection with another person you are actually frailing: attuning to that person’s special characteristics.
→How successfully you are able to communicate with another person is directly dependent on how well you have been able to grasp the essence of your partner’s fraile.

Giving your full attention is the most important aspect to successfully attuning to another's fraile.

The only way of finding a common language and understanding your partner’s wavelength is to lead the conversations within the context of the other person’s interests.

Deciding on the kind of job you want, but how you will find it has nothing to do with you.

💡Decide who you really want to be and what position would suit you best.

If you can allow yourself to have you will get exactly what you want.
How it happens should not concern you.
Give this task to outer intention.

Have respect for yourself and know your worth.

💡The greater your indifference to your order the sooner it will be completed.

The only effective way of reducing stress when you are in the hot-seat is to accept the possibility of failure beforehand.


Use other people’s inner intention to achieve your own goals.
The feeling of self-worth lies at core of inner intention.
Do not try and change others; do not try and change yourself either.
To act more naturally switch your attention from self to others.
Play the game of increasing other people’s sense of self-worth.
If you want to attract attention, show an interest in those around you.
In conversation people are not inclined to evaluate how interesting you are; they are evaluating how well you might suit the role of realizing their self-worth.
Express your interest in others with sincerity.
Outer intention helps you to realize the inner intention of others.
Let go of the intention to get and replace it with the intention to give.
As a result, you will get the very thing you gave up.
Argument and criticism are the mind’s battle with the alternatives flow.
Avoid any action that injures another’s self-esteem.
At the beginning of any conversation, take a turn with your partner so that you are moving in the same flow direction together.
Do not justify your mistakes – consciously admit them.
Adopt the role of defending other people when they are right.
A display of genuine liking for someone brings down their protective barrier.
Asking a small favor of someone is the best way of befriending them.
Healthy visualization creates a condition of comfort on an energetic level.
An individual’s personal power and influence is proportional to their free energy.
Charm is the result of mutual love between heart and mind.
Allow yourself the luxury of having shortcomings and lacking strengths.
The excess potential of inner importance is dissipated through action.


I do not want or hope-I intend.

💡No one and no thing can prevent you from reaching your goal once you have taken the path through the right door except yourself.
→Only lack of faith and lack of confidence can hinder your progress.
→Lack of self-belief and lack of confidence are basically one and the same thing.

Confidence is not developed through action-it is the energy of intention released.
To acquire self-confidence you have to let go of wanting to acquire it.
Confidence is nothing more than temporary excess potential.

If you reject the pendulum’s scenario you can calmly take what is yours without having to put pressure on, without having to fight but simply by finding the will to have.

Pendulums will try to convince the person that they will not be able to choose their own path by themselves or walk without the support of the strings.

Once a person has their freedom they no longer need confidence and the illusion of support that it creates.
→All they really need is coordination to stop them from falling.

Confidence as a support would no longer be necessary, because where there is no importance, there is nothing to guard or conquer.
There is nothing to fear or be anxious about.

Abandon the struggle and go with the flow.
→I am empty and so there is nothing that can be hooked into.
→If I want it, the freedom of choice is mine. There is no need to struggle anymore. I just calmly walk my path and take what is mine.

Abandon the struggle for worth altogether.
Do not try to believe or convince yourself of your own value. Simply let go of the battle and observe what happens: the people around you will start treating you with more respect as if they valued you more highly.

The battle for self-worth drains your free energy and channels it into the battle.
→Just abandon the struggle for self-worth and you will be surprised and delighted with the result.

It is as pointless to try and deny or stamp out feelings of guilt as it is to artificially raise your self-esteem.
You have a disposition to feel guilt you will never be able to stifle or banish the feelings of guilt you experience.
The same thing as with low self-esteem: stop justifying yourself to others.

No-one has the right to judge you, whatever you have done, as long as you have not harmed anyone else.

Do not frighten anyone, and you will have nothing to fear.

All you need is good coordination to move with the flow and consciously control your importance levels.

Do not fight to negate importance; just release the grip and transform the energy of anxiety into the energy of action.
Begin the process of doing in any way you can, without insistence or pressure.

Don’t think about the means to achieving your goal.
→You will never force yourself to believe in the possibility of a distant goal or total one hundred percent success, so abandon futile attempts to do so, as your faith will come to nothing and temporary bursts of confidence quickly fade.
→You do not need confidence or faith. You need coordination.

💡Coordination means:

  • taking pleasure in thinking about the goal as if it had already been reached;
  • letting go of the grip of control over the script and going with the alternatives flow, helping it along with the oar of pure intention.
  • When you go with the flow in conscious awareness everything falls into place without excessive effort.

💡Absolute coordination is achieved as a result of harmony between heart and mind.
→Harmony of heart and mind is achieved by listening to the whisperings of the heart and living true to your own credo.

Living according to your own credo means loving yourselfaccepting yourself the way you are, not suffering from pangs of conscience or guilt and firmly acting according to the dictates of the heart and mind.

By abandoning the battle for self-worth, not inviting others to judge your worth and reducing outer importance you finally acquire what is normally considered to be true confidence.

You do not compare yourself to anyone; you are simply in a state of total balance.

Live in harmony with the outside world, yourself, and your credo.

Coordination grants you freedom from pendulums allowing you to move independently in whatever direction you wish to claim whatever you desire.

Practice visualizing your target slide without thinking about the means and wait for outer intention to open the door to you.

One day, people will find themselves in a situation in which thy represent nothing more than an element of a monstrous, informational energy matrix. The individual will be shut in a box of conditioning and transformed into a detail of the greater machine. The matrix grid will determine how each element should function and what they should wish for.
As you know, science fiction has a tendency to become reality in its time.

The most importance principle in the battle with the pendulum is to refuse to fight them.

💡When you give your energy to a pendulum you become weaker, but when a pendulum tries to provoke you and you resist you become the receiver of the energy the pendulum channeled into the provocation, making you stronger.

You do not need toughness in the battle with the pendulum. Emptiness is considerably more effective.

There is no need to fight to achieve your goal. All you need is the will to have. As soon as you allow yourself to have you can begin the process of calmly placing one foot in front of the other in the direction of your goal.

People are always unsatisfied by the present moment and console themselves with the hope that things will soon improve. With this attitude the better future will never come.

The idea that you still have plenty of time is an illusion.

In reality there is no time to wait. Do not wait for the future but insert it into the current moment. Allow yourself to have, here and now.
That does not mean that your goal will be realized instantly. We are talking about will, i.e. the intention to have in contradistinction to the ongoing battle with the self.

The will to have is infinitely more powerful than the will to act.

You do not have to think about the money. When you end the battle and give yourself permission to have outer intention will a way of giving what you need.

Earn the will to have, not the money.
If you concentrate on the goal as if you had already achieved it your doors will open the means will take care of themselves.

Whatever you do, do not force yourself to allow yourself to have.
→You should not need to push yourself. Do not pressure yourself or tense up over it for that again makes it a battle. Simply take pleasure in having exciting thoughts.

You cannot allow yourself to have at the same time as fighting ardently for your place in the sun.

  • You may be resolute and full of confidence that you will have what is yours and are enthusiastically convincing yourself that is all down to your personal choice.
  • To act forcefully entails creating excess potential.
  • What is required is more like a carefree, light-hearted resolve.
  • Relax, let go your grip of control and just be aware of the fact that you are taking what is yours.

Abandon importance and the grip will relax of its own accord.

Reality Transurfing 3

The will to have is the dispassionate, unemotional intention to take what is unquestionably yours.

You might desperately wish to acquire the will to have but nonetheless, abandon desire.

  • Enough of desiring; you are going to get what you need anyway.
  • Just think about taking what already belongs to you.
  • Take it calmly without demanding or insisting with the thought of: If I want it, what is the problem? I will have it.

As soon as the grip of control weakens the limiting conditions of the mind fall away to reveal unity between heart and mind.

In order to acquire the will to have you have to achieve unity of heart and mind and release the energy of intention.
→Unity of heart and mind is achieved when you are on the path to your goal through the right door.

In order to drop importance you need to take action consciously.

How not to desire? – Accept the possibility of defeat and act.

Abandon the tendency to take action aimed at increasing your sense of self-worth.

If you do not automatically rush to protect your sense of self-esteem it suggests that you have a healthy sense of your own worth.
When you start to realize your own value other people around you will see it too, without exception.
By letting go you receive the very thing you gave up.

The will to have has three stages.

  1. Inhibition caused by an unfamiliar situation: “Surely this cannot all be for me?” When you run the target slide in your mind you will not quite be able to take in the fact that it might all be possible.
  2. Delight, a feeling close to weightlessness. There will come a point when you accept the goal into your comfort zone and feel the sense of restriction fall away. The realization that the goal is actually quite realistic evokes a feeling of elation. The feeling of weightlessness is also quite real being caused by the release of the energy of intention from excess potential. This is what you will feel.
  3. Ordinariness. Because you are constantly turning the target slide around in your mind you think yourself into its content and gradually, everything in the slide starts to become ordinary. All the time that you desire, doubt and puzzle over the means, the will to have is standing on a shaky foundation. As soon as importance dissolves the will to have gains power.
Try to look for the positive in any difficult or annoying situation.

Adopt the foolish habit of rejoicing in setbacks.

According to your faith be it unto you.

  • There is so much truth in this line.
  • You only ever receive as much as you are willing to receive.
  • Whatever this is, outer intention will fulfill your orders impeccably.

You have to take the radical step of removing the word ‘believe’ from your worldview template and replacing it with ‘know’.
→If the mind knows that such and such a thing is going to happen the heart will agree without question.
→Where there is belief there is always room for doubt.
→Now that you have removed the notion of belief from your mind, allow yourself to have the knowing that your desire will be fulfilled; for the law has it that: the goal will be reached if there is will to have and if there is the will to act by moving through the right door. It is your choice. You are in charge.

With thoughts that sound: “I know success depends on my choice and I have made my choice so why hesitate?”

The most important thing is to remember that you alone decide whether you will achieve your goal or not.

Dragging doubts around with you is a sure way of reducing your chances of success.

💡The question needs to be put differently: “Will it happen or not?” should be replaced by “What do I choose, success or failure?”
→Success is just a question of choice.

Do not think about the means; run the target slide in your mind and place one foot in front of the other in the direction of your goal.

  • Make it a concrete task to consciously and deliberately re-attune your energy towards realizing your best expectations.
  • If you have a goal but doubt whether things will work out for you or not, your doubts will hinder your progress. You will not be able to discard them totally, but neither it is necessary to do so.
  • Live out the slide that pictures your life as it would be were the goal already achieved.
  • By practicing this exercise you work on the quality of your energy without fueling it with conviction. Take pleasure in the task, then outer intention will do its work and apples will fall to the sky.

When a person attunes the energy they radiate to their target life line they activate the workings of outer intention.

  • You turn the target slide around in your mind and practice visualizing the process.
  • Whilst you are busy with these exercises the wind of outer intention slowly and surely pushes the frigate of the material realization of your world through the alternatives space. Opportunities begin to arise in ways you would never have suspected.
  • Moreover, outer intention begins to direct your actions in a way that brings you closer to your goal.

We need hope to begin taking action. Begin taking action and you will see that apples fall to the sky. When hope has done its work, you will become conscious of the freedom of choice. Then you will say to yourself: I do not want and I do not hope. I intend.


Self-confidence is the same as a sheepish manner turned inside out.
When you abandon importance the walls of the labyrinth of insecurity crumble.
Where there is freedom without struggle confidence is no longer necessary.
When I have no importance, I have nothing to defend and nothing to conquer.
Do not fight your response to provocation; change your relationship to it.
Be indifferent to losing and avoid setting yourself ultimatums.
Treat all information with conscious awareness.
You have freedom of choice. All you need is the will to have.
Earn the will to have, not money.
Concentrate on the goal as if you had already achieved it.
The fact of personal choice is an immutable law. You shape your own reality.
How not to be afraid? — Find a safety net, plan B or alternative route.
How not to worry or get anxious? – Act.
How not to desire? — Accept the possibility of defeat and act.
How not to wait in expectation? — Act.
How to increase your worth? — End the battle for self-worth.
How not to get irritated? — Play with the pendulum and break its game rules.
How to be rid of feelings of guilt? — Stop justifying yourself.
How to deal with resentment? — End the battle and go with the flow.
If you cannot deal with your resentment, allow yourself not to be able to deal with it.
Life lines fork into positive and negative branches.
You make your choice by expressing your relationship to the event that stands at the fork in the line.
You step onto the positive branch of a life line when you intend to perceive apparent negative changes to the script as positive.
Adopt the foolish habit of taking joy in setbacks.
Switch control from battling against the alternative flow to going with it.
Do not think about the means of achieving your goal; turn the target slide in your mind and place one foot in front of the other in the direction of your goal. Live your slide where the goal has already been achieved.
Then outer intention will have its way and apples will fall to the sky.

Forward to the Past

You start by running scanning your body relaxing any tension in the muscles. Then picture your energy moving in the rising and descending currents along your spine.

A useful method to activate your energy fountains quickly is to imagine that two arrows run horizontally from the center of your body extending in opposite directions.

  1. One points forward and the other backwards.
  2. The arrows extend twenty to thirty centimeters or more from the body.
  3. Now picture both arrows turning at the same time, the front arrow turns upwards and the arrow at the back turns downwards until they are in a vertical position to the spine.
  4. You will immediately feel a boost in the flow of energy.
  5. It is as if you are turning a key that switches on the central energy currents.
    It is good to get into the habit of turning the key as many times as possible during the course of your day, then you will always have a way of releasing and cleansing the energy of intention from the excess potential that brings you down.
    Turning the key is the first element of transaction.

The second element of transaction is to visualize the target slide.

  1. Do not forget to imagine yourself inside the slide rather than watching it like a scene in a film.
  2. See yourself in a situation where the goal has already been achieved.
  3. To connect yourself with the slide imagine what you would be feeling if you were living it in reality.
  4. Touch the scene with you hands, imagine the sounds, smells or any other sensations that easily come to you.
  5. Once you can more or less clearly see yourself in the slide gaze ahead of you with a look of conscious awareness.

Clear sight is the third and final element of transaction.

The less important you make the transaction exercise the better the results will be.

💡Of all the Transurfing exercises most attention should be given to running the target slide and visualizing the current link in the transfer chain stream into realized pathways of reality. Outer intention works whether you see it or not. It is just that now you have a kind of porthole into the alternatives space and the opportunity to observe your movement there. It is quite impressive. You will not be disappointed.

It may occur to you as you observe a familiar view that there is something new to the scene, particularly a tone or shade.

  • I would like to emphasize that these new details are not the kind of change that you could perceive without doing the transaction exercise; they are new, subtle tones, styles, moods, meanings, themes or fleeting feelings.

If no change in shades is noticed during the transaction exercise it means that the quality of the current line already meets the necessary quality of the visualization.

  • This indicates that you are transmitting the energy of the current life line and that your goal lies ahead on this same line.
    If you do the transaction exercise, from time to time you will notice a transformation reflected in the shades of the scenery.

When you do perceive the shades you will amazed at how real they are.

  • When you do see what I am talking about with your own eyes, do not be afraid.
  • Soon you will discover other signs indicative of the shift to new life lines that cannot be explained solely by the nature of perception.
  • You might begin to feel, that the way other people treat you has changed for the better without any evident reason or that certain day to day problems have disappeared.
  • Generally you will notice that certain attributes of everyday life have changed although you cannot see any particular reason why this should be so.

Very often, household appliances and electrical equipment will suddenly stop working for no apparent reason, or break down when their owners lose a state of balance due to stress or conflict.

Freedom is yours when you end the battle.

The world is a mirror that reflects your relationship to it. When you are discontent with the world, it turns away from you. When you fight the world it fights you back. When you end the battle the world meets you halfway.

By distancing yourself from the stage and watching from the auditorium, you suddenly understand that it is entirely up to you to decide whether you want to continue participating in the battle or simply take what is yours.

The slightest expression of arrogance and self-importance will create excess potential.

💡You have received the key to an extremely powerful force and so the slightest deviation from integrity and impeccability will have tangible consequences.

Transurfing is not designed with the intention of causing any other person harm.

  • It is possible to use Transurfing to direct hostile intent towards a person or group of people that you wish to take vengeance on, but doing so would entail serious consequences.
  • Even if it seems to you that retribution is entirely justified, do not get involved. If you have not been able to resist sending negativity towards your enemy you can expect to receive an initial warning. You will see a sign. If then you do not stop, you will be punished.
  • Never forget that we are all guests in this world.

The conditions of freedom are that we get to choose but we do not have the right to change anything or anyone.

  • Many ancient civilizations perished such as the Egyptian pyramids and the muffled echoes of some secret, mystical knowledge. Those people who mastered the power of outer intention became too powerful and were not only punished but totally destroyed by balanced forces. There have been many civilizations like Atlantis and every time the people mastered the power of outer intention they forgot that they were just guests in this world. And you know what happens to guests that push the limits-they get kicked out.
  • You should also be particularly wary of boasting to your friends and family.
  • If you make claims aloud that you will get what is rightfully yours, your chances of success will decrease significantly.

If you declare to others that you will acquire something you do not yet have you create excess potential.
→It is better to act with some humility and keep silent.
→Naturally, once you have achieved your goal you can kick up your heels.

Transform your joy into the intention of celebration.

  • Use your right to choose and allow yourself the luxury of perceiving the life you are currently disenchanted with as a celebration.
  • In accordance with the principle of coordination, if you perceive life as a celebration whatever is happening, it will become one.
  • There is no need to continue battling. You will get what is yours in the end.
  • Remember that your choice will be fulfilled. Attune your thoughts to your target line and then the flow will be directed towards your goal.


Turning the key releases tension and frees the energy of intention.
Transaction: turning the key, visualization and clear focused sight.
Transaction enables you to see the changing shades in the scenery.
Do not give the transaction technique excess meaning.
Carry out transactions in a relaxed manner.
Do not push yourself to do the transaction exercise too often.
The target slide and visualization process are quite sufficient.
The only purpose of transaction is to enable you to perceive movement through the alternatives space.
Moving towards your goal refreshes the layer of your world.
The world is a mirror that reflects your relationship to it.
You win your freedom by ending the battle.

Letters from the Past

The world is a mirror of your relationship to it.

Never believe anyone who claims to know the recipe for success in any given situation.

💡The paradox is that we do not have to know precisely how to find success and in fact it is actually better that we do not know.

The alternatives flow always runs in the direction of your choice.
This is why, once you have made a choice you can boldly depend on the coordination of intention principle: my intention is being realized; everything is working towards its realization and everything is unfolding as it should.

If you define your goal and hold fast to the principle of coordination, a wonderful discovery will await you.

The majority of divorces come about for the relatively trivial reason that the partners involved refuse to accept each other as they are.

Awareness, or rather the lack of it, is the one banal yet key cause of conflicts that seems to arise over the trivial things in life.

The type of person who is asleep in the waking world cannot allow themselves or others to be themselves.
→They create dependent relationships which generate polarization and evoke the wind of balanced forces which brings people with diametrically opposed personality traits together in order to cancel out the dissimilarity between them.

You may have noticed that sometimes your partner seems to do things deliberately to annoy you.
→Be aware that in the majority of cases they are not conscious of what they are doing.
→Their actions are influenced by a pendulum that wants to annoy you even more so that it can then feed on the energy of your irritation.

When people say “we are not compatible” or “our personalities clash” what they really mean is “we could not accept each other the way we are.”
→In reality, people with opposite characters can and should be able to live happily together in harmony.
→All these conflicts could be avoided if those involved could step down from the stage and observe the act, i.e. their life together from a different perspective.
→It is essential that at least one of the partners do this.

Life ‘happens’ to them and so they are incapable of influencing the script however hard they try, and try they do.

Try to live your life together as children.

  • Adopt the roles you have attributed each other and play at them indifferently, ‘just for fun’. As soon as your partner begins to do something you do not like and you find yourself getting irritated as before, play your role with humor.
  • You will begin to realize just how many arguments are pulled out of thin air like in the soap-operas.
  • When you become aware of this moment you will at last be able to accept yourself and others just the way they are.

💡The religion pendulum is not the same as God. The church is required by the pendulum, not the Almighty. God does not need your donations.
→Charity can eliminate the excess potential of accrued sums of money if you have a surplus of stagnant resources.
→Charity is a good deed in the true sense only if it is sincere.

It is absolutely essential to love oneself.
→Do not burden yourself with the idea of having to help others if you do not genuinely feel motivated to do so.
→Work on accumulating your own wealth.
→This you will do sincerely and there is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of in doing so. →Remember, a truly spiritual person will never try and force anything upon you.

What would turn your life into one continuous celebration? Define the goal.
Define your goal and take steps towards it without considering the how to achieve the goal.
→The means will appear; that is the whole trick.
→If the soul and mind move towards the goal together, arm in arm, doors will open before you that previously appeared impregnably locked.

Turn the focus of your mind to your soul and there you will find the answers to all your questions.

Accept as fact that all knowledge is accessible to you.
→Look to yourself for the answers. Walk your own path. Exercise your right to individuality. Use your access to knowledge.
Knowledge will become accessible to you as soon as you manage to change the focus of the power of your intention from others to self.
→You must just tell yourself that you are a unique individual and know everything.

The most important thing is to be mindful of the heart, so that the power of intention is with the heart.

When you become mentally immersed in other people’s problems you become incapable of solving them objectively.

The absence of importance is a matter of detachment not indifference.

Inner intention in human relationships is always aimed at protecting and confirming one’s self-worth in one form or another.
→This is what the inner intention of your loved one is aimed at-on finding a partner that will fulfill their sense of self-worth.

First principle of Frailingabandon the intention to receive, replace it with the intention of giving and you will receive the very thing you gave up.

As soon as your actions are redirected towards fulfilling your partner’s needs your own inner intention will be transformed into outer intention.
→You will find that by adopting this approach you not only make your partner happy, but you receive from your partner everything you desired and more.
→If you can abandon the intention of receiving and replace it with the intention of giving you will instantly receive the thing you let go of.

Careers, stability, high-paying salaries really are not goals in themselves. They are the accompanying attributes of goals.

You will never achieve anything by substituting a goal for an accompanying attribute.

Success only smiles on those who are convinced they walk their true path.
→Whatever happens, the alternatives flow unfolds in the direction it should. No-one can know when or how the goal will be achieved.
→To achieve huge success you must define your goal and move towards it unfalteringly irrespective of what anyone else might try and tell you.

Intention is the dispassionate, unconditional resolve to see your will manifest in reality and the calm knowledge that this will be the case. Intention is pure when it is free of desire, fear, doubt, and other importance potentials.

Your heart will provide you with the answers to any question that relates to you personally. Trust the voice of your heart above other people’s opinions including my own.

💡Entire nations have been wiped out in the name of God and happiness on Earth.

Happiness is not a common thing that can be shared. Happiness is a very individual notion.

When you stop simply wanting and intend to have then you will receive.

Transurfing motto: I do not want or hope, I intend.

Circumstances will begin to unfold in a positive way if you consciously go with the flow rather than beating your hands on the water.

  • The world has no intention of causing anyone difficulties and not because forces exist which take care of you specifically, but because it involves expending less energy.
  • Nature does not waste energy and it is not profitable for nature to spend energy on you.
  • The difficulties we experience are always related to an excessive expenditure of energy.

Pendulums get in your way.
→The way of keeping their counter impact to a minimum is to keep the bar of importance to a minimum, i.e. do not attribute anything excessive meaning.
→The majority of problems are due to high inner and outer importance.
→“Very high goals” are not difficult to achieve per se. It is the accepted stereotypes and the mind’s false thought patterns that make them difficult to achieve.
→You can achieve any goal if it is truly yours.

If this is the case you will always find others fussing around you who display the opposite qualities.
Because your excess potential of inner importance creates an instance of powerful polarization.
People with the opposite traits will be attracted to you like iron chips to a magnet.

If you think to yourself ‘I am disciplined and they are slobs; they are unfocused and I am goal-oriented.’ Making these kinds of contrasts is what attracts polarization.

Be yourself and allow others to do the same. Let go your grip.

💡In reality, our world is so rich and generous that it has enough wealth to go round as long as each individual moves towards their own goal through their own color.

You only suffer from forced obligation if your mind becomes immersed in the game.

  • Adopt the role of the acting member of the audience, the participating spectator.
  • Act in a detached manner.
  • Do not give yourself entirely to the work you are forced to do.
  • Make as if it were a game.
  • Rent yourself out.


💡If you do not control reality, reality will control you.

Dances with Shadows

💡Many professions are in essence nothing other than a game.

What is the fundamental need of living beings?
→Survival and the instinct for self-preservation? This is the accepted stereotype, although it is not the correct answer.
→The primary need is to be able to independently manage our own lives.
→In other words, the goal and purpose of all living beings is to control their reality.

Whatever activity a living creature is engaged in(including survival and reproduction) everything comes down to the attempt to bring the reality of the world under control.

Transurfing is a technique for controlling reality without direct impact, only not for fun as in a game, but for real.

💡In order to learn how to control reality you must at the very least understand how reality is created.
→Through energy that is born from unity of heart and mind embodies potential in reality.

Life should be free of problems.
→That is the norm.
→If you do not disturb the balance and go with the alternatives flow everything should unfold every smoothly.
→Nature does not like wasting energy and has no intention of spending it on plotting against us.

The excess potential that is created when a distorted evaluation is made will have no grievous effect whilst it stands relative only to itself.

  • However, as soon as an inflated evaluation of a given object is placed in comparative relationship with another, polarization occurs which generates the winds of balanced forces.
  • Balanced forces strive to eliminate the polarization that has occurred and for the most part their action is aimed against the individual who created the polarization in the first place.
Be yourself and let others be themselves.

💡The more you insist on your own desires and rights the more powerfully the magnet attracts the opposite.

The Transurfing rule works without fail freeing anyone.
→All you have to do is let go the grip of control; stop “grabbing the world by the throat”, and life will instantly become welcoming and pliable.

Balanced forces bring opposites into contact with one another to restore the state of balance.

Pendulums are a universal source of evil.

There are many different types of pendulums but all are destructive albeit to varying degrees.

Wake up and be aware of how pendulums are trying to manipulate now.

In this moment I am awake and I am perfectly aware of what I am doing and why I am doing it specifically in this way.” If you have this kind of awareness then all will be well.

To free yourself from the pendulum’s noose you must refocus your attention on something else.

There can be no neutral attitude to sex. Human nature will always reveal itself eventually.

When sex is natural and normal it is a game played according to rules that you make up themselves without giving a moment’s thought to how others do it or how it is supposed to be done.

Love is not sex and sex is not love.

💡Whether you like it or not sex is more about aggression than affection.

Let go of the intention to receive and replace it with the intention to give and you will receive the very thing you let go of.

In order to feel fulfilled by a sexual relationship you have to feel free and uninhibited.

True success is only achieved by those who have the courage to break the rules and go their own way.

Science fiction has a tendency to become reality over time and this tendency is accelerating.

Those who break the pendulum rule either become leaders or renegades.

  • Some make their way to stardom whilst others end up social outcasts.
  • The difference between them is that the former knows they have the right to break the pendulum rule whilst the latter still has doubts.

Rid feelings of guilt which means you have to stop justifying yourself and explaining your actions to others who have the outright audacity to judge you.
Stop protecting or proving your worth.

Begin living in accordance with your own beliefs.

Pendulums place their adherents in key positions not based on merit and high service but based on how fully they fit into the system.

  • The most important criteria is not how well a person carries out their work so much as how correctly they do it from the point of view of the system.
  • The pendulum is most concerned with stability.
  • And so first and foremost you should direct your actions towards supporting the system’s stability.

In the majority of teams, creativity, initiative, enthusiasm and independence are welcomed but in the case of a management apparatus or large enterprise the laws and ethic are totally different, i.e. corporative.

  • Corporate ethics entail more stringent regulations, discipline and diligence.
  • Taking the initiative can be punished, independence met with caution, and creativity far from playing the most important role.
  • In this type of system you have to be ‘more correct’ not ‘better’.
  • So you have to be able to behave in a conscious and flexible manner in line with the reality of the pendulum world.

The true goal of any living being, whatever its nature, can only be achieved in its natural habitat.

The greatest commodity is energy and the energy market is of course controlled by pendulums.

You always have to give back more than you borrow.
→Pendulums never give away energy for free without profiting somehow from the transaction.

Pendulums are by their very nature aggressive and inclined to exacerbate the energy surrounding conflict.

When any need, material or spiritual is fulfilled energy is emitted.

When you want something, you experience a build up of energy.
When you receive the thing you desire you radiate that energy.

In order to “come off the needle” you have to switch your attention to something else.

💡All toasts should be uttered in the present tense. They might sound a little weird as a result but they will be effective.
→ This type of declaration of intention will immediately start pulling your wishes into the reality of today rather than putting them off until tomorrow that never comes.

It is never lucrative in any respect to get credit from a pendulum.

When you are dangling on a pendulum’s hook think only of the positive.

💡When you are having a smoke break think about your forthcoming success as if it were already a done deal.

💡It would be better in this moment to enjoy the good fortune you already have, whatever happens in the future.

“Everything is going wonderfully because I shape my reality with my intention. I know how it is done.”

Once you have acknowledged God do not forget about yourself.

  • If you “make offerings” to yourself with the same love and care saying something like “eat, eat my dear one, get well!” the effect will be completely unexpected an unbelievable.
  • It is even possible that certain illnesses will disappear.
  • “If you do not feed yourself, no-one else is going to do it for you”.

The declaration of intention can be used in the games of cunning pendulums like the stock market, casino or betting on the races. In principle, why not?
→ The chances of success will be increased if in the moment of placing your money and likewise during the game you visualize a slide of inevitable winnings. It is not easy to do but it is possible.

You have to put all thoughts and emotions including hope for success to one side.

  • You must eliminate all this until all you have left is the unconditional and dispassionate will to win.
  • Your declaration of intent should be: “I am a winner!” and your declaration should sound without need for explanation, conditions or exclamation marks.
  • If you manage to achieve this state of dispassionate and unconditional will to have your chances of success will be rapidly increased.

In order to become a star in your field you have to know how to exploit the features of a pendulum.

Pendulums will not put up with unique individuals.

  • They will be forced to make you a star.
  • Stop chasing your shadow and set out on your path independently.
  • Then the pendulums will have no other choice than to follow you.
  • You are quite capable of becoming a trendsetter by virtue of the fact that the qualities of your soul are totally unique.
  • A luxury individual cloud has already been prepared in the alternatives space and awaits your arrival. Announce your declaration of intention!


The life goal and purpose of all living beings is to shape reality.
Boredom as such does not exist. Boredom is simply a constant and insatiable thirst to shape reality.
Appraisals based on comparison generate polarization.
Balanced forces eliminate polarization by means of clashing opposites.
An object or quality which is attributed special significance attracts objects with the opposite qualities.
The pendulum rule is “Do as I do!”
The Transurfing rule is: give yourself permission to be yourself and allow others to do the same.
The Transurfing rule eliminates polarization.
Awareness: in this moment I am awake and am clearly aware of what I am doing, why and why in this manner specifically.
The first law of the pendulum: it tries to exacerbate the energy of conflict.
The second law of the pendulum: it does everything possible to stabilize the structure.
Pendulums coordinate the existence of organized structures.
The enslavement of will (intention): the structure teaches people what they should want.
In order to free yourself of the zombifying effect of the structure you must adopt the role of the participating spectator.
The process of achieving the goal is what drives evolution.
The individual loses themselves in the structure ceasing to understand who they are and what they really want.
Dependence arises due to the fact that the arrow of attention falls into the pendulum’s noose.
To “come off the needle” you have to switch your attention and occupy it your mind with something else, changing the scripts and scenery.
The charisma of a particular epoch is drawn in by the intention of a group of people, like a cloud from the alternatives space.
Whenever you receive any energy credit announce your declaration of intention.
It is impossible to beat a pendulum. You have to either abandon the dangerous game altogether or create your own venture and become one of its favorites.
In order to create your own game you have to give yourself permission to be yourself.

The Dreams of Gods

“No scientific discovery is made by means of the logical mind. It only acquires logical form later when you describe it. Every discovery, even very small ones are always an insight. The solution always comes from the outside and unexpectedly as if someone had hinted it.” – Albert Einstein

The task of Transurfing is not to look at the past with regret or the future with uncertainty but to intentionally create your own reality.

Everyone can remember their past incarnations if they wake up from the daydream of life.

Why would a person strive towards God if they already consider themselves righteous?

  • In many cases it is not love for the All-Highest that draws people to Him, but feelings of fear and insecurity.
  • There are people who believe that they are striving towards God with all their soul, but this is an illusion.
  • What they are really doing is trying to escape their own ego.
  • There is nothing wrong with having an ego and generally it does not bother you unless it is offended.

The ego’s only goal is to assert its own significance.

Often, in an attempt to avoid the discomfort of being alone the ego takes the desperate step of negating itself.

  • The ego proclaims that to love yourself is bad, that you have to love others instead. A person then abandons care for their own soul and turns to face God and others dedicating their lives to anything that will provide them with support. Sometimes the opposite happens; the ego is devoured in aggression and people become criminals, villains and cynics. Both the religiously spiritual and the fallen are a product of the ego, they just represent opposite polarities of the same process.
  • You might believe that if you turn to God you will manage to rid yourself of the ego. The paradox however lies in the fact that the ego is the very thing that is pushing you to search for God in the first place.
    →God is inside you, not somewhere outside of you!

The ego worships some kind of abstract symbol turning away from the true God, from their soul. Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha and Krishna are all higher manifestations of the Lord.

  • Ordinary people may not be higher manifestations but they are manifestations of the same lord nonetheless. So it works out that one manifestation worships another manifestation? What good is that?
  • Striving towards God with the purpose of ridding oneself of the ego is the path of inner importance. Inner importance is always present when you give yourself up to be judged by others. Returning to self without looking round at others is the true path to God.
  • If I eliminate the necessity to check the opinion of others around me then I am self-sufficient and my ego will cease to exist leaving nothing but my integral personality.
  • Do not listen to others who call you to change and sculpt of yourself something that will match a certain set of standards. They pressure you to change, to turn away from your soul and to follow the pendulum rule: “Do as I do!”
  • Turn to face yourself, accept yourself the way you are, be yourself. Assert your right to be right.
  • To dedicate yourself to serving an abstract God means to abandon your soul. And this is nothing more than adherence to the pendulum of religion.

Essentially, religion is communication with God via a mediator.

  • If there is a particle of the Creator in all of us surely then we are all His children?
  • Do you require a mediator in your relationship with your Mother or your Father?
    Everyone must answer this question for themselves.

It is highly unlikely that God requires us to worship Him.

  • Do you require your children to worship you?
  • Or would you rather they become good friends?
    The purpose of life and service to God lies in co-creation, creating together with Him.

The language of the Lord is creation.

You can communicate with God by shaping the layer of your world, your reality. When you take joy in your creation God takes joy with you.

There is part of the Creator in each and every one of us. Make the Father happy. As far as you believe in your own potential you will believe in God and carry out the words he spoke: “According to you faith be it unto you.”

💡Creating and shaping reality is the goal and purpose of all life.

Atheism is also a kind of religion only with atheism everything works the other way around.

We always receive the things we choose.

No one is holding you down except you.

💡Strive to control realty. The higher the level of consciousness, the greater capacity for control.

💡There is a reason why in cultures that have not yet been spoiled by pendulum civilizations the people ask for forgiveness before killing an animal or felling a tree.

This seems to be God's perspective, to experience everything one possibly can in this kaleidoscope of dreams.

God has given every living being the freedom and power to shape their own reality in accordance with their consciousness.

💡A person with a relatively high level of awareness is capable of escaping the circle and transforming their life into a lucid dream in which reality is subject not only to direct influence but to their will also.

💡If there is a particle of God in each and every one of us it means that our intention is also the intention of God.
When you express an intention consider it to be God’s intention. How then could you have any doubt that it will be fulfilled?
And all you have to do for this to be is simply claim your right to it.
Do not ask, do not demand, do not struggle, just create.


The world is like a dual mirror. Material reality is on one side and the metaphysical alternatives space is on the other.
The individual perceives reality in the way they have been taught to.
Life is like a waking non-lucid dream in which the individual has no reference point for reality.
Come down into the auditorium and observe. Act dispassionately, rent yourself out and remain the observer.
Reducing importance levels, going with the alternatives flow and coordination will enable you to navigate the waking dream with your eyes closed.
The life of every living being is one of God’s dreams.
The purpose of life and likewise service to God lies in co-creation together with Him.
The process of striving towards a goal is the driver for evolution.
Species variation in the process of evolution is conditioned by intention.
God creates reality and controls it through the intention of everything in existence.
The gift of God to every living being is freedom and the power to shape reality according to consciousness.
If you express an intention, consider it the intention of God. How then could you doubt that it could be fulfilled?
Do not ask, do not demand, do not struggle, just create.

The Mirror World

Absolutely everything in this world is seeped in the spirit of competition. Too many people want to achieve the same thing and there is not enough for everyone, at least within the realms of inner intention. –the alternatives space.
On that side of mirror there is an abundance of everything and there is no competition. The goods are not physically present but the great thing is, your can choose anything as if from a catalogue and then place an order. Sooner or later the order will be fulfilled and you will not even have to pay for it. You have to observe certain manageable conditions, but that is all.

Naturally, the environment in which a person is born plays an important role, but how their life will develop later largely depends on their attitude towards themselves and the world around them.
Subsequent changes in lifestyle are largely determined by that person’s mental outlook.
The sector of the alternatives space that becomes embodied, will correspond in script and scenery to the nature and direction of that person’s thoughts.

If your expectations are pessimistic and filled with doubt they will instantly be confirmed.

The world is like a mirror that reflects your relationship to it.

  • The world literally consents to your thoughts about it. So why it is that our worst expectations are generally confirmed whilst our hopes and dreams do not come true? Reelection is formed in the unity of heart and mind.
  • As long as the mind does not contradict the wishes of the heart and vice versa an unfathomable power emerges – outer intention, which materializes the sector of the alternatives space that corresponds to the image of one’s thoughts.

There are only two things that bring the heart and mind together unconditionally, aversion and fear.

There is a delay in the reaction of the dual mirror.

Try to imagine this rather unusual scenario.

  1. You stand in front of a mirror but here is nothing there except emptiness.
  2. Only after a little time does the image of your reflection begin to appear, like in a photograph.
  3. At a certain point you smile but the reflection still shows the same serious expression.
  4. You lift up your arms but the mirror image remains the same.
  5. You put your arms down straight away and again, nothing in the mirror has changed. In order to see your reflection with raised arms you have to hold them up for a longer period of time.
  6. The dual mirror works in exactly the same way except that the time delay is much longer and so the changes taking place in the mirror are practically imperceptible. Material realization is inert like tar.
  7. Nonetheless, a thought form, or slide as it is referred to in Transurfing can be materialized. All it requires is one basic condition: you have to run the slide in your mind systematically for a significant period of time.
  8. As you can see the secret is simple and this really is all it takes.
    💡No magic, just ordinary, every day effort, and it really works; it’s just that most people do not have the patience to follow it through.

In order to materialize a thought form you have to take specific steps to work with a slide.

How much time is needed to realize the slide depends on the complexity of the goal you set.

With the help of the slide technique described earlier on you can successfully create an image which the world mirror will stream into physical reality.

My world takes care of me.

Deliberately attune your outlook to align with the dominant idea and then you will see how the mirror will react. It will be your first step on the path to shaping reality.

You can bring it all back very simply; the feeling of calm serenity, the taste of ice-cream as it was in your childhood, the feeling of newness, hope for something better and the joy of life.

From this moment onwards, whatever happens, make it a rule to consciously control your outlook on life.

Things are not actually that bad and they certainly could be a lot worse.

Look around you. Your world is still taking care of you. He planted these flowers and these tree for you.
→The world still feeds you and puts you to bed.

The world has not changed, just as a mirror never changes. It is your relationship to the world that has changed and with it reality as a reflection of your thoughts.

  • Now rouse yourself, open your eyes, sit up in the bed and look about you: It is the same world as it was before that took care of you and with whom you once so enjoyed spending time.
  • Now you are together again and everything will be as it used to. Never again must you offend this old faithful servant with your thankless attitude.
  • Most importantly, do not hurry. For according to the third mirror principle he needs time to get back to his former self. Initially you will need to show patience and self-control. You have to understand that this is part of your specific work on shaping your reality.
  • In any circumstances, even the most minor confirm you amalgam formula.

When something fortunate happens do not forget to tell yourself that the world really is taking care of you.

  • Cite this confirmation at every minor detail of life.
  • When you come up against something that might disappoint you make sure that even so you tell yourself that everything is unfolding as it should according to the principle of the coordination of intention.
  • However circumstances unfold your reaction must be unwavering. The world is always looking after you, no matter what. If something happens and you are lucky pay particular attention to what is happening, and if you are not lucky observe the principle of the coordination of intention and that way you will always remain on a successful life line.
  • Place your trust in the world.
  • It is essential that you learn to trust. When a person finds themselves in a difficult position they are more inclined to rely on themselves than hope things will turn out for the best.

Break the ice of mistrust. Every time you face a problem, even if it is relatively minor, say to yourself: “I let my world take care of me”.

  • This does not mean that you should do absolutely nothing and sit there with your arms folded.
  • It is a matter of adopting the thought that everything will turn out well of its own accord by default. The mirror will reflect your perception flawlessly: “If that is how you perceive it to be, then let it be so”.
  • Make a habit of allowing the world to take care of you, from the tiny details of everyday life to the most important issues in your life.

If things do not turn out so successfully do not be offended or doubt bitterly whether the world takes care of you. Remember that you are standing in from of a mirror. All the mirror does is reflect your mental outlook, no more and no less. There is no point in getting upset and even less so on battling with your doubts. It is useless. Leave room for mistakes and setbacks. The most important thing is to hold to your overall course.

  • You can rely on the world for all sorts of things if you allow it to take care of you. People are not capable of solving all their own problems. Give them to the world to deal with for the world has immeasurably greater capacity to solve them than you do.
  • For example, you cannot avoid all threats with the help of inner intention because the layer of your world intersects with numerous other layers. Rather than directing your intention towards your own safety direct it towards creating a world that takes care of you and protects you. Then your world’s intention will start working for you.
  • Depending on what concerns you most you can choose your own special amalgam.
  • “My world chooses the best for me. When I go with the alternatives flow the world meets me halfway. I create the layer of my world with intention. My world protects me. My world eliminates my problems. My world takes care of things so that my life is easy and comfortable. I place an order and my world fulfils it. I might not know how to take care of myself for the best but my world does know. Everything that happens contributes towards the realization of my intention and everything happens as it should”.
  • You can even create a new, unique amalgam or several for that matter.
  • The most important thing is to be patient and not tire of stating the amalgam formula at every convenient instance. Persistent effort is only required initially until it becomes habit. From there onwards it is all plane sailing.
  • This simple technique is the key to a force more powerful than you would ever expect. You control reality by controlling your relationship to the world.

Prepare yourself for a magnificent cascade of pleasant events.

Each person creates the individual layer of their world, their own reality, with their mental outlook. Their reality acquires a certain tone depending on their attitude.

The majority of problems are caused by a negative attitude to life.

💡The saying should be not “my tongue is my energy”, but “my thoughts are my enemy.”

Those who grow up to be beautiful are those who admire themselves. That is the secret.
→These people are ruled by the principle: “If I like myself I will have all the more reason to like myself more.”

💡The desire to avoid something greatly increases the likelihood of impact.

Any attitude that is fueled passionately by the heart and with the conviction of the mind will be reflected in reality.

The mirror cites the content of the relationship but ignores its orientation.

You may notice that when you got into an argument with someone and sharply express your discontent something else equally as unpleasant will follow on just soon afterwards.
→The more irritated you get the more insolently new problems seem to cling to you.

💡The greater the intensity of your feelings, the more powerful your attachment to the mirror. It does not matter what you are thinking about something; what is important is what you are thinking about.

“This is how we live” whereas it should be, “we live in the manner in which we think about our existence”. The mirror confirms and continues to strengthen the content of our thought forms.

Whatever dark hole you might find yourself in, know this: you can change everything and what is more, you can change it radically.
→It does not matter that you may have absolutely no idea of how to bring about that change. You do not have to be able to see a specific way out. The solution will present itself.

There is nothing outer intention cannot do. There are alternatives to the development of events on the other side of the mirror of which the human mind could not even conceive.

  • Switch your attention from the reflection to the image.
  • You have to take control of your thoughts.
  • Think about what you want and are striving to achieve rather than the things you do not want or try to avoid.
Simply form a deliberate and desired image in the mind and the dual mirror realizes the corresponding sector of the alternatives space into reality.

You have to change the negative attitude to a positive one.

Your thoughts should be attuned to the things you do want and like.
→Then only pleasant things will be reflected in the mirror.
→It needs to be understood that a favorable reality will not be created instantly. It requires patience and awareness.

You have to consciously create your mood.

Irrespective of the circumstances in my life I do what I need to do to feel upbeat. I do this consciously instead of reacting in a primitive manner to external irritants. This has to become a habit.

  • Slides, visual or musical, whatever you prefer can help to create the right mood.
  • Ideally, it should be a picture in which your goal is reached and you feel marvelous.
  • Be prepared for there to be a period of time in which you do not notice any change in the layer of your world. Or the opposite might happen.
  • These are just temporary inconveniences related to the “move” to a new level of relationship with reality.

Sooner or later it will have to start reflecting the image I create in my thoughts.

  • If I do not succumb to temptation of looking round and am resolute my reality will be created in the mirror. Everything will be the way I want it to be.
  • Your mental outlook should be as it would be if you already had what you want or are just about to receive it.
  • The mirror materializes whatever is contained in your thoughts.

Make it a new rule not to look into the mirror of the world but to glance or peep into it.

  1. Ignore the negative stuff and search for the good and let everything you perceive pass through this filter.
  2. Concentrate your attention on what you want.
  3. Search only for the wanted traits in yourself and simultaneously create a picture in your thoughts of your desired image.
  4. From this moment this is all you do.
  5. You just look for constant confirmation of positive change: things get better every day.
  6. If you practice this technique regularly you will soon be left with your jaw dropping from surprise.
    You do not have to believe. Just practice the recommended technique and you will see the consequences for yourself.

In order for a thought form to become established as physical reality you have to produce it methodically.
→In other words you have to regularly run the target slide round in your mind.

By managing your thought process you manage your reality.
→If you cannot manage your thought process reality controls you.

An amalgam is the simplest and easiest method.

In order to see the reality you desire in the mirror of the world you have to take certain elementary steps: intentionally shape the corresponding image in your mind’s eye paying no attention to the delayed reflection and peeking at it only in search of any new manifestation of the emerging reality.

The world does not stop and the process of reflection being materialized in the mirror continues. It is just that the process is subtle and imperceptible and so it appears as if nothing were happening.

💡In the moment that the choice is made and the final goal-image is set, the mirror of the world receives the order and sets about realizing it according to a specific plan.

Desire of itself is essential because without desire there would be no striving. And if you add to this the resolve to act you have the will to achieve your goal.
→But if you add doubt plus fear of failure to the mix you end up with longing. This is the importance that has to be consciously reduced.
→Of itself desire does not create tangible excess potential. It is only a problem when your doubts and fear make you take the world by the scruff of the neck.

If you think that intention means firmly demanding what you think the world owes you the results you want to see will elude you.

  • If you request that the world give you what you want you will still end up with nothing.
  • It is important to understand that all you have to do is make an order and allow the world to carry it out for you.
  • You just will not permit the world to do so because of your demands, requests, fears and doubts. In response the world also demands, requests, fears and doubts perfectly reflecting your condition, for the world is just a mirror.
  • You have to get a sense of this feeling. Let the world go, allow it to be a comfortable place for you to be right now. It is a subtle, fleeting feeling that passes quickly but it must be caught hold of.

It is about allowing happiness to enter your life.

  • We are only as happy as we allow ourselves to conceive of the possibility of unbelievable luck.
  • You do not have to force yourself to be happy you just have to allow yourself the luxury of being so.
  • Trust the world. It knows best how to reach the goal and will take care of everything.

“Turn around and you will turn to stone.”

Your attention must be focused on the end goal as if it had already been reached.

You should only turn round to look in the mirror,
→Note positive shifts and to allow yourself to experience a pleasant feeling of surprise.
Your eyes must be wide open to anything that gives evidence of the world moving towards your goal and firmly shut to accompanying (and inevitable) negative phenomena. If you have the tenacity “not to look back” then as a rule the results will exceed your highest expectations.
When looking in the mirror do not try to move the reflection; instead, try to move the image-your relationship to it and focus of your thoughts.

It is essential that you keep your hands away from the mirror and allow the world to move. In the majoirty of cases no proactive action is necessary. It is enough to be mild and flexible and go with what is happening.

Release your grip and allow the world to move with the alternatives flow.

By abandoning the position of control you acquire real control over a situation.

  • If someone offers you something do not be quick to refuse it.
  • If someone gives you a piece of advice, think it over.
  • When you hear a different point of view, do not be too quick to enter into debate.
  • If it appears to you that something is doing something wrong, let it go.
  • If circumstances have changes rather than sounding the alarm try and embrace the change. Whatever you are involved in take the simplest course of action.
  • If you have to make a decision or choice give preference to the option that comes most naturally.

Let the world go and then observe how it moves.
→Watch the world as if you were a wise mentor allowing the young pupil freedom of choice only occasionally giving them a push in the right direction.

The alternatives flow always takes the path of least resistance.

However gloomy the reflection appears it will only become darker if you treat it as something negative.
→Likewise, the negative can be transformed into the positive if you declare it as such.

In the long run, you will always end up winning even in the most unfavorable of circumstances.

Embrace any reflection as positive.

When things do turn out well, do not take it for granted or remain indifferent.

  • Be glad, express your pleasure and sharpen your awareness of the fact that everything is going so well.
  • Whatever happens, everything is unfolding as it should.
  • When you first encounter the problem it is as if you are standing at a crossroads where only you can decide whether to declare the problem complex or straightforward.

💡The world instantly agrees to what you think and say.

Reality Transurfing 4

The world always complies, so, given that this is the case, it makes sense to tell yourself: “Everything is being sorted out very easily.”
Even if you do not really feel it, declare the problem straightforward.

Whatever happens, the world will again agree to everything.

💡From this moment onward, every time you come across any kind of problem of unpleasant situation remember that whatever the circumstances the world will comply with the nature of your relationship to what is happening: “Whatever you wish.”

You are the master of your success.

The entire world is one dispassionate mirror and if it takes care of something it is only because you are looking at it in that way.

You create the layer of your world; you are the maker of your own reality.

There is no such thing as coincidence.
→The notion of coincidence is merely a special way of perceiving an effect in the absence of detailed information relating to the cause.

No one person is capable of influencing the life of another with their own intention.
People are endowed with the power to create the layer only of their own world.

Everyone is capable of managing their own fate but only under the condition that they take the wheel in their own hands.


The mirror principles:
The world like a mirror reflects your relationship to it.
The reflection is formed in the unity of heart and mind.
There is a delay in the reaction of the dual mirror.
The mirror states the content of the relationship and ignores the nature of the relationship.
Do not think about what you do not want; think about what you are striving to attain.
Release your grip and allow the world to move with the alternatives flow.
Any reflection should be perceived as positive.
You control reality by controlling your chain of thought.
Cite the amalgam formula at every convenient opportunity.
You have to move the image, not the reflection, i.e. change your mental outlook and the nature of your thoughts.
Your attention should be focused on the end goal as if it were already achieved.
To materialize a slide you must turn it methodically in your mind’s eye for a sufficient period of time.
Do not suppress your emotions – change your relationship to the problem.

The Gatekeeper to Eternity

There are two kinds of energy: physiological and free.
You feel the former as warmth and physical strength and it is released as a result of metabolism. To support your levels of physiological energy it is sufficient to eat well, rest, exercise, and get fresh air.

Why is it that a person produces their best creations in the first or second third of their life? →It all comes down to the energy of intention. Yet if you maintain your energy at the right level you can create masterpieces at any age.

In order to free up resources you have to either get rid of a portion of the potential intentions or bring them into being.
→Ask yourself, what is oppressing you?

Everything that is endlessly put off until later is a useless load to carry.
→These things should either be eliminated from your list or brought into being, because they take up energy which is just stupid to waste.

Forcing yourself to do something should be replaced with conviction.
→Either decidedly realize your intention, or relieve yourself of the burden of the weight of obligation and channel the habit into a more manageable flow.

There is no point in memorizing information.

Let yourself go. Give yourself more freedom.

💡A goal activates the energy of intention in the process of its realization.

💡In order to find your own goal you have to have a certain level of freedom above all from obligations to others and yourself.
→And to be successful you have to allow yourself not to have a personal goal for the time being.

3 methods to increase your energy levels:

  1. free up resources
  2. exercise your energy levels
  3. widen your meridians
  4. The principle of doing energy exercises lies in focusing the attention on the rising and descending currents whilst doing any physical exercise.
  5. If to this exercise you add visualizing the process in which you play a slide in your mind’s eye in which you see you reserve of the energy of intention increasing with every day the exercises will be even more effective.
  6. Once induced the energy of intention will increase of its own accord.

If you have exercised your energy levels intensely on one day, you can expect there to be consequences on the next.

  • If you restart physical exercise after a long break from training all your muscles ache the following day. It is the same when you exercise the energy of intention except that the next day it is not pain you feel but tiredness and a feeling of being downcast.
  • This is nothing to worry about. It will soon pass and things will return to normal again. The important thing is to take a methodical approach.
  • Tell yourself every day: My intention energy increases with every passing day.
  • The most direct route to increasing your energy levels is to cleanse the body and shift to a diet of natural foods that have not been treated with heat.

Skepticism and apathy are evidence of low energy levels.

  • When you experience a deficit of energy you always look pessimistically at the world and this will instantly be streamed into physical reality.
  • When you have high levels of vitality you transmit into the mirror of the world the image of a successful person and then success comes towards you without you having to chase it.

💡Genuinely real ideas are only born of the stable energy of intention.

In order for the conscious mind to go beyond the limits of the material world and touch on these ideas one either has to be endowed with a special gift or have consistently high energy levels.

💡The higher your energy level the faster your desires are manifest in physical reality.

In order to form a reflection it is essential that there be a sharp image born of the unity of heart and mind or a relatively lengthy period of deliberately concentrating one’s attention.

In order to effectively create the layer of your world you have to feel a sense of oneness with it and even identify yourself with it.
I am master of my reality just as I am master of my body.
→You have to enter into the same time patterns as reality and not expect instant change. You need to be calm, patient and focused on your goals.

Once a person begins to feel a sense of oneness with their world they acquire the ability to control it, just as they control their body.

  • You have to constantly pay attention to the circumstances that surround you, feel yourself to be part of this world, to be in context with it and look for what connects you with it.
  • To be a separate particle of the world at the same time as dissolved within it.
  • A person can only acquire a sense of oneness with the world by means of their everyday experience of life.

The thing is that you do not always get what you want immediately. But whatever happens you get that which you have focused your intention on.

  • For example, if you need to increase your muscle mass your attention should be focused on a slide which depicts your muscles growing. If you need to lose some weight all your thoughts should be about how your body is becoming leaner. If you goal is to increase your levels of the energy of intention then you must focus on your energy channels and energy body.
  • And finally, if your intention is not directed towards anything, you will not get anything.

A simple lamp can only light up the area immediately surrounding it whereas a narrowly focused laser beam will shine on a point many kilometers away.
→Therefore, if you want your energy to work for you it is essential that you focus it in the specific direction of a goal.

Teach yourself to think about the thing you are doing in the moment.

Essentially, the point is to make the image in your thoughts mostly contain the picture you would like to see reflected in the dual mirror.

  • It is not necessary to remain in an ideal state of organic unity of heart and mind all the time to achieve your goal.
  • It is enough to systematically focus your attention on the target slide.
  • By controlling your train of thought you subject reality to your will.
  • It does not matter that your thoughts keep going out of control.
  • When you have the habit of returning your thoughts again and again to the goal, the slide becomes a constant companion and its image will always be in the background in the context of all that happens to you.
  • Have no doubt, the image will be formed and the mirror of the world will inevitably reflect it in reality.

A person’s surroundings may be abundant or poor, friendly or aggressive, comfortable or less so, but this is not important.
→What does have meaning is the extent to which that person is happy in these conditions, whether they receive what they strive for, and whether circumstances seem to unfold fortuitously. This quality of the layer, its hue, has the deciding influence on everything that happens in material reality.

The more negative their thinking the gloomier their particular reality will be.

  • The worse things go the more resentment builds up, which due to the feedback chain causes the layer to darken even more.
  • From this we conclude that your individual reality must be kept clean just like the body.
  • All negative thoughts must be decisively and sharply driven out so that they do not have time to ruin your world.

💡The feeling of guilt generates punishment in the most varied form, from tiny inconveniences to huge problems.
→If previously you had the habit of apologizing for the slightest reason now try to adopt a different habit: only explain when it is absolutely necessary.

It is ok for the feeling of guilt to be inside you but do not reveal it externally.

Importance decreases equal to the extent that it is emphasized.
→The opposite is also true. A person who has no concern for their significance has it automatically.
→You have to consciously redirect your intention: rather than trying to prove yourself or show off you have to give up all attempts to increase your own significance.

Abandon any form of waiting that feels like longing otherwise you will not get anywhere. →Intention is essential to the achievement of your goals and intention is free of doubt and emerges when simple “wanting” transitions to doing.
→In order to dull the itch of impatience you need to have a safety net, a backup plan in case of failure as well as accept the idea of defeat at the onset.

Doubts in the successful completion of a project usually arise when the mind tries to work out the path and means to achieving the goal.

  • There is no point in thinking about these things.
  • You cannot know exactly how things will work out for the best. Your task is to concentrate your attention on the goal as if it had already been achieved and then outer intention will open the right doors at the right time.
  • Firstly, direct your intention towards maintaining the amalgam “my world takes care of me”.
  • Secondly, you must follow the last three of the mirror principles very precisely.
  • For example, you are planning to go to university and want to pass the selection procedure successfully. Prior to the examination you say to yourself: if I do fail the exam maybe that would be the best thing for me? Then you will be able to go into the exam feeling cheerful and relaxed.
What is the point of worrying if success awaits you in any case?

You do not have to believe in success or persuade yourself of anything.
All that is needed is to refocus your intention on the observation of the mirror principles.
→Once their effect begins to kick in you will notice that reality is changing substantially.

You have to be clear about the fact that any form of criticism even if it is justified is extremely disadvantageous.

  • In their attempt to restore the balance between good and bad balanced forces will do everything in their power to make sure that the accuser be the one to sit in the dock. There will never be a shortage of cause or reason.
  • Remind yourself again and again that you are standing in front of a mirror and that the amalgam and final three mirror principles can transform the layer of your world into a cozy little corner. Aside from this there is nothing more to be said.

When you feel down it is the child in you crying.

  • Take care of it.
  • Do a little of what you like doing most.
  • Take some special time out to relax without thinking about problems that distress you. “My world and I am going for a walk”.
  • Buy your favorite treat: “Eat, eat my love, get better”.
  • Devote the entire day to yourself and to your pleasures.
  • Look after yourself and put yourself carefully to bed: “Go to sleep now, my dear. Your world will take care of everything”.

When an adult dictates by the rule “you can’t and do not answer back” backing it up with the argument “because…” then they are not an adult at all but a fool endowed with power.
→Would not it be better to discuss things as equals and model the situation according to the principle of “what will happen if…?”
→The most appropriate method of interacting of children is described in the principles of Frailing.

The established state of the education system could be easily corrected:

  1. The very roots of the teaching methodology would have to be changed from learning by heart to learning in practice. The brain would then work as it is supposed in its capacity as creator rather than as storage warehouse.
  2. The objective of teaching would have to be changed from reporting to teaching others. Yes, exactly.

The slide should not be seen as an external moving picture.
→You have to be inside the events of your imagination: what you are doing, when the goal was achieved, what you are feeling, your immediate environment and anything else that is happening.

You are standing in front of the mirror of the world and you are shaping an image in your thoughts of what you would like to have streamed into physical reality.

You do not need to have a precise plan or know how it might be realized.

  • There is no need to think about the means.
  • The right doors will open at the right time – concrete paths and opportunities, and you will sot them.
  • You must not place strict conditions on how the goal should be reached.
  • Your task is to concentrate on the final result.

Everything is going extremely well and today I am doing everything better than yesterday and tomorrow will be better than today.

You can play the slide in your mind’s eye as much and as often as you like but make sure you do it for at least half and hour each day if you genuinely intend to achieve the goal. There are several methods that can consolidate the effect of visualization:

  1. The first is the energy currents.
    The sector of the alternatives space is materialized via energy which passing through the human body is programmed by thought and transformed into the energy of intention. The more powerful the transmission of energy, the more powerful the effect. The force can be increased by concentrating one’s attention on the energy currents.
    This involves imagining that from the center of the body, somewhere in the area of the stomach or the solar plexus, two opposite arrows exit to the length of about one meter. Mentally turn the arrows simultaneously so that the front arrow points upwards and the rear arrow points downwards. “Turning the key” in this way activates the descending and rising currents. Imagine without putting too much effort into it that they flow along the spine in two opposite directions and reach out one into the sky and the other into the ground. Focusing your attention partly on the currents of energy launch the slide and play it to your heart’s content.
    →This exercise is best practices when you are on a walk in a quiet place when few people are around.
  2. The next technique is called the frame.
    Think about what you would like to be doing when your goal is achieved and what would represent an integral part of the target slide, its indispensable attribute. You might be sitting by a fireplace in a rocking chair, standing at the helm of your personal yacht, planting roses in your garden or shaking hands with a business partner having sealed a successful deal.
  3. For the sake of convenience you could give it a short heading(name, title).
    The effectiveness of the frame can be embellished with the help of the so-called explosion wave.
    Shape a frame or simply a picture in your thoughts that you would like to translate into reality. Immediately follow it by imagining that a sphere is expanding outwards from your body in all directions as if your energy field had suddenly exploded. The explosion wave can extend as far as you are able to imagine it. You can repeat this exercise several times until you are tired of it. So what is happening here?
    →You create a mental image and send it out into the universe. You can be certain that your thought will not be lost without trace.
  4. Another technique is the outer sphere.
    You may never have experienced your energy membrane or felt it expanding as it becomes subject to your imagination. This will be because your actions are motivated by inner intention. Now imagine a sphere surrounds you that does not belong to you. Imagine that the sphere draws you. You can feel that something outside of you is trying to stretch out your body. Somewhere within a radius of five to seven meters lies an invisible front. If you try and stretch it or squash it slightly it will show a springy resistance.
    Now you will have felt the sphere more clearly. This is the borderline that connects you with the outside world. What is inside the sphere is yours and what is outside, the external, is not yours.

The point is to try and go beyond the point where “your will tries to make the world obey it” to “allowing the world to do it itself”.
This is all quite complex, and yet for our purposes it does not have to be. It is enough to feel the presence of the outer membrane. Once you sense it do not lose that feeling. Partly focus your attention on it and then begin to play the target slide in your mind. The sphere will serve as a kind of antennae for the transmission of thought energy and this will substantially strengthen the efficiency of the slide.

  1. Another technique is scenery reduction.
    Try and reduce all the thoughts that come into your mind to the common denominator of your goal. Ordinarily, even arbitrary thoughts arrange themselves in a logical order each one connected to the last. Complete the logical chain with a fragment of your target slide. Just remind yourself from time to time what you are striving towards. Whatever you find yourself thinking about, whatever you are doing, return your attention to the goal. Make a background image of your slide. Every event, every chunk of information should be perceived within the general context set by that image.

Your surrounding environment can also be brought into alignment with your expectations of the goal. You may be walking in the park and turning the target slide over in your mind in which you are working in the garden in front of your house.
You might have the feeling that in a virtual sense you are already in that garden. This effect arises as a result of the slide being projected over the scene.

  1. The final technique, one especially for the lazy, is the goal amalgam.
    The most important condition for visualization to be successful is that you do not force yourself to practice it. If you find yourself putting pressure on yourself to turn the target slide in your mind because you are not getting any enjoyment out of it you will generate excess potential. Balanced forces will reduce your work to nil as a result. It is better in this case to abandon the burdensome task and pass it off onto the shoulders of your world. Ask you world to “carry you”. Let your world take care of realizing your choice.
    Tell yourself: although the ‘how’ may be unbeknownst to me, everything will work its way through. In declaring this intention you program your world to let events spontaneously unfold in such a way that they will bring you closer to your goal. As a result you let go your grip and allow outer intention to realize the goal. Now you can relax and give yourself permission to simply enjoy the target slide. You are no longer obliged to work on it. The world is doing that for you.

Carry out whatever is required of you on the physical plane for the goal to be achieved.
→Whatever technique you use always remember that you are not expressing a wish, you are expressing a firm intention and see the goal as in inevitable finale.
→If you cannot bring yourself to say “I have” then at the very least say “I plan to have”.

The point is to give focus to your intention.

The magical power of any given object lies in one’s relationship to it.

  • You not necessarily have to make up magic rituals but you do need to take concrete steps that demonstrate that you are serious.
  • For example, if you want to have your own house act as if you are about to move in any day: look through the advertisements and catalogues and choose furniture and household equipment in the shops. Right now, investigate everything associated with moving in.
    →Giving focus to your intention is a very powerful thing.

You must not feel any inner discomfort when you are practicing the visualization technique. Outer intention appears only when there is unity of heart and mind.
→This unity cannot be achieved if you are forcing yourself to carry out a compulsory task.
→This will not get you anywhere and it will simply be a waste of time.

You must not look at the slide from the outside as if it were a static image; live inside of it, at least in a virtual sense. Imagine yourself living inside the slide.

Regularly, take pleasure from thoughts of your goal as if it had already been achieved.

Success loves regularity the most.

Integrating intention expressed as “everything is wonderful and unfolding as it should” creates a general image of success which is then reflected in reality.

Understand one simple thing: In this world there is you and there is the mirror.
You are capable of quitting the mirror.

Once you are conscious of the fact that you are standing in front of a mirror you acquire the ability to shape reality to a mental image.
→Having freed yourself from the illusion you have to observe and redirect your chain of thoughts from “do not want” to “what you want”; from “do not like” to “what you like”, from illness to health, from means to end goal.

If you face what you consider to be an unlucky combination you have to accept it and declare it successful.

  • You have to switch the mind’s control from script development to dynamic, ongoing adjustment.
  • Normally the mind objects if impending events do not fit with its ideas of what should be happening next.
  • Now it has to be the other way around. Every time the mind expresses its dissatisfaction about a deviation from the script you have to quickly come to your senses and readily accept the change: everything is going as it should.

💡Everything that happens to you is all for the sake of reaching the goal.

In order to reach new, previously unknown heights of success you have to step out of the rat race and set out on your own path.

At some point you have to stop studying the old and start creating the new or rather, not even create but take from where all discoveries and masterpieces are found – from Eternity.

  • In order to gain access to information stored in the alternatives space you have to lay a foundation of elementary knowledge concerning the area that interests you.
  • Without a certain initial foundation you will not be able to attune to the corresponding sector of the alternatives space.
  • In other words, tune into the data base.

The mind’s task is not to come up with an idea but to recognize it when it hits you. And it definitely will if you step away from the crowd and walk your own path obeying the dictates of the heart.

Ask yourself a question.

  1. Express it clearly and then forget about it for a while.
  2. Within a few days the answer will come to you.
  3. If it does not, ask the question again from time to time.
  4. The answer may come to you over the next few months but it will definitely come to you.

Change the focus of intention from being given to creating.

The chosen ones chose themselves.
→Assert your right to be a chosen one.
→From this moment onwards I have chosen myself.
→It is your birthright.

💡It is for you to decide what is right for you and what is not because only you can shape the layer of your world.

It is not a matter of how appropriate your thinking and actions are, but the extent to which you are confident you are right.

My world takes care of me and I am strong enough to allow myself the weakness of accepting the attention.

The alternatives space contains everything and everything that you wish for with heart and mind is yours.

  • You should be aware however, that a Gatekeeper stands at the threshold to Eternity, an absolute law that guards access to everything to be found there.
  • This implacable guard only permits access to those who have the boldness to assert their right as Maker.
  • Your verdict is your entrance pass: I am capable and worthy because I have decided it is so.
  • I do not want or hope, I intend.
  • Claim your right and the Gatekeeper will open the gates of Eternity before you.


Accumulation of toxins in the body, excess potential and unrealized intention reduces your energy levels.
In order to free up energy reserves you have to either let go of some of your potential intentions or stream them into reality.
In order for the energy to work you have to concentrate on the end goal.
Concentration is not tension, it is focus.
Teach yourself to think about what you are actually doing in the moment.
Systematically focusing your attention on the target slide is essential.
Stop justifying yourself.
Stop trying to prove how important you are.
Maintain the amalgam and follow the mirror principles.
To reduce the effect of polarization you have to release the over-tightened spokes.
Techniques for shaping your own reality include: the target slide, visualizing the process, energy channels, the frame, the explosion wave, outer sphere, scenery reduction, target amalgam, focusing intention and integration.
The preferred approach for you personally should be the one you find works the best.
Do everything in the way that feels most comfortable.
Regular practice is the most important condition for success.
You have to escape from the mirror.
Once you have a foundation of knowledge you can change the focus of your intention from “receive” to “create”.
You do not have to come up with ideas; just recognize them when they hit you.
Departing from your starting point go with the alternatives flow.
Claim your right to be right.
Leave the crowd and deliver your verdict; assert the right of the Maker.
I have taken this decision because I am the Maker of my own reality.

The Intention of Ancient Magicians

💡The key principle expresses the idea that the energy of our thoughts not only has an indirect influence on our physical reality but a direct impact too.

Important mentality to have for Transurfing your reality:

  • Transurfing cannot be reduced to a technique of executing certain moves.
  • It is not about technique but about becoming aware of your inner freedom and the feeling that you are master of the layer of your world.
  • Once you experience that feeling everything will unfold of its own accord without the need for any particular technique.
  • You have to make Transurfing a way of life. There is no other way. It is not at all laborious or burdensome. It is actually quite entertaining like playing with a mirror.
  • The world is a mirror of your relationship to it only with a delayed reaction. By comparing your relationship to the world with the subsequent reaction of the mirror you teach your mind a simple truth and yet one that is difficult for one’s consciousness to truly assimilate: You shape the layer of your world with intention.
  • It is also essential to become comfortable with the simple but strange truth that you do not need to be concerned with the means and ways of achieving the goal.
  • All you have to do is maintain the focus and let the alternatives flow takes its course.
  • The means of achieving the goal will present itself.
  • Whatever happens, if you keep your target slide in mind and observe the principle of coordination the alternatives flow will carry you to your goal.


Excess potential
Excess potential represents tension, a localized disturbance in an otherwise stable energy field. The irregularity is created by thought energy when an object is attributed excessive and disproportionate meaning. Desire represents an example of excess potential because it strives to draw the object of attraction to a place where it is not naturally present. The desperate desire to have something you lack creates an energetic “differential in pressure” which drums up the winds of balanced forces. Other examples of excess potential include: dissatisfaction, blame, admiration, worship, idealization, over-evaluation, contempt, vanity, and likewise feelings of superiority, inferiority and guilt.

Thought energy is material and does not totally disappear without trace. When a group of people begin to think in a similar way their “thought waves” accumulate in layers and invisible but real energy-information structures – pendulums are created in the greater ocean of energy. The structures begin to evolve independently until they reach a stage at which they are able to subject people to their own laws. When a person comes under the influence of a destructive pendulum they lose their freedom and are forced to become a small cog in a large machine.
The more people – adherents – feed the pendulum with their energy, the more forceful its “sway”. Every pendulum has its characteristic oscillation frequency. For example, a swing will gain height only if you apply effort to pushing it with a certain frequency. This is what is meant by the resonant frequency. If the number of a pendulum’s adherents decreases its sway becomes weaker. If the number of adherents declines to zero the pendulum dies and ceases to exist as a separate entity.
In order to pump energy from people a pendulum hooks into their emotions and reactions: indignation, dissatisfaction, hate, irritation, anxiety, worry, depression, confusion, despair, fear, pity, attachment, admiration, tenderness, idealization, adulation, delight, disappointment, pride, arrogance, contempt, aversion, insult, duty, guilt etc.
The greatest threat of the pendulum’s suppressive influence is that it leads its victim away from life lines in which that person would have been truly happy. It is essential to free oneself from imposed goals after which one battles straying ever further from one’s own true path in life.
In essence the pendulum is an “egregore” and yet it is much more than this. The notion of the “egregore” does not reflect the entire range of subtle interaction between the individual and the energy-information structures referred to here as pendulums.

Intention can be roughly defined as the resolve to have and act. Intention is realized. Desire is not. You may desire to put your hand up. The desire is shaped in your thoughts and you become aware that you wish to put your hand up. Is it the desire that actually raises the arm in the end? No. Of itself desire does not generate any physical action. The arm is only finally raised when the thought has been processed leaving just the resolve to take action. So it is the resolve to act that lifts the arm? Once again, no. You may have decided that you will lift up your arm but it will not yet be moved. So what exactly is it then that causes you to put up your hand? How do you define what lies beyond resolve?
Here the mind is powerless to provide an intelligible explanation for what intention really is. Our definition of intention as the resolve to have and act demonstrates the prelude to the force that actually manifests the action. All we can do is state the fact that the arm is lifted neither by desire nor by decision but by something we are referring to as intention.
Intention is divided into two kinds: inner and outer. Inner intention presupposes active impact on the world around us. This is the resolve the act. Outer intention is the resolve to have which causes the world to fulfil the individual’s will. Inner intention is the concentration of one’s attention on the process of moving towards one’s goal. Outer intention is the concentration of attention on the process of how the goal realizes itself. Inner intention causes the goal to be achieved, whereas outer intention allows it to be chosen. Everything that is associated with magic and paranormal phenomena relates to the areas of outer intention. Everything that can be reached within the context of the ordinary worldview is achieved by the power of inner intention.

Excess potential arises when certain qualities are attributed excess meaning. Dependent relationships are formed between people when they begin to compare themselves and place conditions upon each other such as each other, such as “If you do this then I will do this.” Of itself excess potential is not necessarily a problem while the distorted evaluation exists irrelatively, on its own. However, the moment that the artificially inflated evaluation of one object in placed into a relative relationship with another object polarization occurs, which calls forth the wind of balanced forces. Balanced forces strive to eliminate polarization and their action is usually aimed against the person responsible for creating the polarization in the first place.

Alternatives space
The alternatives space represents an information structure. It is an infinite information field containing all the alternatives of all possible events. You could say that the alternatives space contains everything that ever was and everything that ever will be. The alternatives space serves as a template and coordinates grid for the movement of matter through space and time. Both the future and the past are held in a constant position as if on a film roll. The effect of time is only created as a result of the movement of a single frame in which the present is lit up.
The world simultaneously exists in two forms: physical reality that can be touched and the metaphysical alternatives space which lies beyond the realms of perception and yet whose existence is no less objective. In principle the information field can be accessed. Intuitive knowledge and clairvoyance are sourced in the alternative space. The mind is not capable of creating anything fundamentally new. It can only create a new version of a house from old bricks. The mind does not store information so much as a kind of address to the information which is contained in the alternatives space. All scientific discoveries and masterpieces are sourced by the mind from the alternatives space via the heart.
Dreams are not illusions in the normal sense of the word. The mind does not imagine its dreams it genuinely sees them. Everything we see in physical reality represents a realised alternative. In dreams we are capable of seeing things that have not been realised, that is plays with virtual scenarios and sets of scenery. Dreams show us what could have taken place in the past and what could potentially take place in the future. Dreaming is the journeying of the soul through the alternatives space.

Our perceptions of ourselves and our environment are often far from the truth. The distortion is caused by slides. For example, you are worried about certain personal shortcomings that cause you to experience a feeling of inferiority because you think that others dislike and disapprove of them too. When you are interacting with people you insert an inferiority complex slide into your “projector” which causes you to see things in a distorted light.
The slide is a distorted picture of reality that exists in your mind. As a rule a negative slide is generated by unity of heart and mind which is why it is manifested into physical reality. Our worst expectations tend to come true. Negative slides can be transformed into positive slides and forced to work for you. If you intentionally create a positive slide it is capable of miraculously transforming the layer of your world. A target slide is a mental picture of the goal as if it had already been reached. The systematic visualization of the slide leads to the materialization of the corresponding sector in the alternatives space.

Alternatives flow
In the alternatives space information is static, like in a matrix. The information structure is organized in interconnected chains. The alternatives flow is generated by causal relationships.
The restless mind constantly experiences the tremors of pendulums and decides to solve all its problems in an attempt to keep the situation under control. In the majority of cases the mind’s willful decisions are no more useful than pointlessly slapping your hands about in the water. Most problems, particularly minor ones, resolve themselves if you do not hinder the alternatives flow.
The main reason one should not actively resist the flow is because doing so a huge amount of energy is wasted either in vain or to one’s detriment. The flow takes the path of least resistance and so it contains the most rational and efficient solution to a problem. Resisting the flow on the contrary generates a mass of new problems.
A powerful intellect is of no purpose if the solution already exists in the alternatives space. If you do not get involved in the refinements and let the alternatives flow take its course the solution and what is more an optimal solution will present itself. Optimality is an inherent part of the structure of the information field. The alternatives space contains everything but it is most likely that the least energy-consuming alternative is the one that will ultimately be materialized. Nature never wastes energy.

I did not invent the word Transurfing. It just came to me from out of nowhere just like all the other terms and content of this book. It was a while until I came to understand its meaning. It is not even entirely clear how to explain the associations linked with it. The meaning of Transurfing can be interpreted as “gliding through the alternatives space”, or “transforming potential alternatives into reality” or “shifting across life lines”. Generally speaking though, if you practice Transurfing you are balancing on a wave of fortune. The word is pronounced Transurfing in the same way as it is spelled. If the reader prefers to pronounce it in the English manner – be my guest, but bear in mind that the sound “yo” does not exist in the English language.

Frailing is an effective technique that can be applied to interpersonal relationships and it represents an integral part of Transurfing. The most important principle of Frailing can be expressed in the following manner. Abandon the intention to get and replace it with the intention to give and you will receive the very thing you let go of.
The action of this principle is based on the fact that your inner intention uses the inner intention of your partner without compromising their interests. As a result you receive from that person the very thing you were unsuccessful in achieving by the ordinary methods of inner intention. If you follow this principle you will achieve impressive results in personal and professional forms of communication.