Beyond the Agency

Author – Frankie Fihn

Never lose a customer again – Joey Coleman
Giftology – John Ruhlin

💡In fact, I have found that even today in today’s busy world, through cold outreach, sending three or four messages with the right offer, we can pick up a client within an hour.

Be a source of cash flow to businesses right now.
Bake pies first. Get your slices second. Usually about 7~10 days later.
Then, take a big fat slice for yourself.

The most powerful asset in any business is the relationship with the customer.

If you don’t know what to say, there are a few common mistakes almost all businesses are making.

  • They have no social proof.
  • They don’t have a clear and powerful offer.
  • Their call to action isn’t there.
  • The site loads slowly.
  • You can barely read the phone number.
  • It sounds exactly like their competitor.
  • Their logo takes up half the page.
  • They were hard to find in search.
  • They don’t have any reviews on Google.
  • The reviews they have are bad.
  • Their ad is terrible.
  • The language is confusing.
    You get the idea. Then when you’re finished, you send them a recording. It has a little message that just says, “I noticed a few problems on your website. It was easier to explain in this 5 minute video.”
    “Of course, these aren’t the only ideas I have for you. Would it make sense for us to have a conversation to see how I might help? Here’s how you can reach me.”
    →Typically for every 10 videos you make, you’re going to land at least one paying client.

Give some customized demonstrations and get some cash in the bank.

Question: What’s the #1 mistake that most people make in a webinar?
Answer: They try and teach too many things at once. A confused mind says no.

Question: What’s been the most important common thread among your big successes?
Answer: It’s the offer. A webinar is just a carefully crafted vehicle to deliver a killer offer.

Question: How does one make such a killer offer?
Answer: Most people really just want to know 3 things:

  1. Will it work for me?
  2. How long is it going to take?
  3. What can I expect when it’s done?

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Ayahuasca experiences: the purpose of business is to make our customer’s lives better.

4 key expectations:

  1. results
  2. time
  3. cost
  4. communication

If you get your clients some results, at some point they are going to express relief or happiness. This is the exact moment when you want to have the referral conversation.

In general, you want to invest 5~10% of what you earn to keep a client. If a client is paying you 2500/𝑚𝑜𝑛𝑡ℎ𝑡ℎ𝑒𝑛100~250 is a small price to pay to retain that client for years longer.

Contrary to popular opinion, you are not a service provider.
You are an entrepreneur, an investor, and a partner. As an entrepreneur, your time and energy are finite.

Rich people do not work for money.
→ Rich people work for assets that generate money.

Think more about adding on to the flow that is already there.
→ Swimming with the current is easier.

Right now in your agency you too have underutilized assets.

  • How can you get more use out of what you already have?
  • How can you take what’s already working and reuse, recycle, reinvent, and reimagine?
  • Why do you wake up each day and do what you do? Is this how you truly want to make your mark on this planet?
    Personally, my highest value is freedom. I believe a life with freedom is the only life worth lived.

💡What do you stand for? What makes you feel truly passionate and alive?

Purpose, like all things, is created. It is a choice. You can choose to create purpose for yourself or you can live without one.

Before you decide what is your purpose, you must decide who is your purpose.

  • Who do you really want to work with?
  • Who are the clients who really inspire you?
  • Who makes you want to get up out of bed and do something to better this world?
  • How do you most love spending a day?
  • How can you design your perfect average day?
  • How can you design a life that is spent on your terms?
  • What processes are their own reward for you?
  • What processes automatically create the outcomes that you want?
  1. Design your average day on purpose.
  2. Then you design your agency to fit into your life around your perfect average day.
    Your agency should support your time and life. It should not own your time. It should not own you.
  • What does your perfect day look like?
  • What are the parts of the business that light you up? What do you truly love doing?
  • How can you make your business work for you?
  • How can you accomplish more by doing less?
  • How can you contribute something big and meaningful to your clients?
  • What kind of habits and routines would you need to support that?
  • What processes make your outcomes inevitable?
  • How can you systemize and organize those habits so they are easy and efficient?
  • Who can help you achieve that faster, easier, and better?
  • What is the perfect average day for you?

5 shortcuts to get an A+ fit on your team the first time:

  1. Have a clear defined mission.
    A clear, concise 2~3 sentence mission will also get you clear on the type of people you need. What’s your mission?
  2. Pay 5~10% above market.
  3. Screen for the right people in your job posting.
  4. Don’t interview. Audition.
    Think more about “what can we do together in 20~30 minutes to see if we might be a good fit together.”
  5. First date each other before marriage.
    Never just hand anyone a job. Offer a chance to work together on a first date basis.